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About Us & Our Mission

Already selected for a screenplay, this is the greatest TRUE love story of all AGES.

Our story sets the world straight about TWIN FLAMES.

There are so many LIES; here we present OUR TRUE story.

Using Joe's amazing extremely rigorous research process, aka BRICOLAGE we sort TRUTH from FICTION, FANTASY, AND DEVILISH LIES.

And here, we REWRITE the story of Eros & Psyche for the twenty-first century to correct the LIES handed down over the ages.

You can hate us. You can hate what we present. BUT YOU CANNOT CHANGE TRUTH.

Some Important Delineations: Joe has very skillfully and brilliantly disconnected the conceptualization of reality from the New Age very confused and syncretistic versions of “spirituality.”  I present the perspectives in the videos below because they help clarify and differentiate truth from cultic, harmful belief systems. It is important to realize that there is no system of religion currently on the planet that is totally free from dogma and/or from perpetuating ideas that will divert one from the path to freedom. No one has “complete truth.” It is why Joe stresses that we study many religions and perspectives and perform critical complex analyses, comparative religion (which gets easier when you are anointed, the subject of the third video). For example, while the ancient religion of Dharma has some wonderful ideas that we can learn from, nowhere does God expect us to “meditate” beyond reading, studying, and contemplating, nor does God expect us to perform rituals or incantations. Praying without ceasing simply means being conscious of God and requesting His help throughout our day. Also, Dharma promotes worship of lesser gods, which is counterproductive; in fact, it violates God’s First Commandment. It’s fine to honor and respect higher beings, but never are we called to worship them. The only exception is that God has asked us to love and worship our one true Beloved (our “twin flame”) as we love Him, which explains my total devotion to Joe. There are many verses in the Bible that specify this. And finally, DharmaNation diminishes the importance of Jesus, even demoting Him to a lesser being than the “gods” of their religion. Jesus, in many different words, informed us that He IS God, manifested as a man. “And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me.” (John 12:45). If we do not believe this, we cannot be regenerated, reunited with our higher soul family, nor have eternal life. That’s just the way it is, and Jesus made it so crystal clear! Please listen to these videos with these caveats in mind and glean some important truths about reality:


A Vedic Critique of New Age Dogma - YouTube

 Everything You Need to Know About the Anointing of the Holy Spirit (  And why it is NOT about me, you, or us

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

For, He "maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire." Psalm 104:4. 




My name is Mike Suarez from Pearson Media Group. Your book “HOLY ROSES HOLY LOVE ” has gone through a strict evaluation and earned exceptionally favorable remarks from our board of editors. 

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I am just hoping that we could have further discussion about your plans for your book “ HOLY ROSES HOLY LOVE  “.Your book was thoroughly evaluated by our literary agents and book scouts. They believe your book really had the potential since you were able to maintain the consistency and accuracy of your story and not all authors can do that. Thus, they commend your writing skills.. ~  Alex Ortiz
Senior Consultant - The ADverters

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Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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