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The Resurrection of the Journal of Epistemology (J.O.E. Journal)
Publication Date: April 1, 2024 (Just in time for our 15th anniversary celebration!)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are changing the instructions for article submissions slightly. We do not want students to be required to purchase the new edition of the book, The Stigma of Genius. Firstly, right up front, the new authors have trashed the whole intention and purpose for which Joe wrote the book, in the very first sentence even. Secondly, they want almost $50 for it. We simply cannot in good conscience recommend spending that kind of money for a book that has lost the plot and even violates publishing rules for which, if students were to commit, they would be expelled from the university. But we all know this well by now: Rules for us but no rules for them.

Joe made it clear that he wants books to be affordable for students. He had negotiated for YEARS with Springer to publish an affordable, “less that $30” paperback edition of his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. His wishes, and even worse, his wisdom knowledge have been completely disregarded by whomever has the power to control his legacy. In his words, they have “desecrated” his hard work that was intended to give people the knowledge they need to lift themselves up out of poverty and affliction. All I can say is that there are very severe consequences (“karma”) in store for those who choose to harm God’s children by force-feeding them the type of trash being passed off as knowledge in today’s education control system. I urge people not to participate in the public-school systems or the private school systems that kowtow to the Department of Education. And do not repay student loans if you have any—you are only contributing to the demise of future generations.

THE GOOD NEWS is we have a remedy. You do not need to buy the book. What I would suggest is that you just read the sample text and pick an item or topic to compare with Joe’s original book that was published in 1999. Believe me, just in those few pages of the new edition there are grotesque issues to be discussed that I can fill an entire journal with. Joe’s original version of the book can be found for just a few dollars on eBay. You can then compare it with the changes in the new edition sample text here. (Scroll down to read it). YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY THE BOOK!


Please submit your article to:
by March 15, 2024
Your submission is your permission to publish your article* in the April 1, 2024 edition of the JOE Journal.
Winners of the prizes will be notified by April 1 and preferred method of payment will be requested.
Many Blessings as you assist with this project!! 



Quite some time ago I had been producing a special journal, The JOE Journal – The Journal of Epistemology. I produced several issues and then became sidelined doing so many other projects. I appreciate the contributors to those previous journals! The writings are really quite interesting and timeless, so if you have time, you might like to review them. The Journal is free to download (links below).

One thing Beloved had always wanted was a place to do critical reviews of various articles, books, music, etc. He has now asked me to open up the journal for this purpose. Of course, we will be using his philosophical guidance and brilliant thought to guide us in this form of “multidimensional critical complex epistemological analysis.” I will provide more information soon, but for the first revival of his journal, we have chosen the following topic:

*A critical review of the new edition of the book The Stigma of Genius published in 2020 in comparison with the original edition written in 1990, which Beloved had edited.

We want a detailed analysis of what changed, what new terms and definitions have been added, what has been deleted, how MEANING has changed, who does this help? Who does this harm? And why was it done? etc. He wants students to become like investigators and describe their findings. He discusses this approach in his Social Studies book, Getting Beyond the Facts, Chapter 18. "Fingerprints at the Crime Scene: Power, Knowledge Production, and a Critical Democratic Social Studies."

I did a very brief analysis, really just a cursory writing of the new edition of The Stigma of Genius, titled:

Eros's UNIVERSAL LOVE CELEBRATION Day 3 April 3, 2023:
My Gift to Eros: A Brief Critique of the New Plagiarized, Moronic Edition of His Book, "The Stigma of Genius: Einstein, Consciousness, and Education" (How Enemies Destroy Good Works and Blaspheme Geniuses). It can be downloaded 

The article needs to be greatly expanded upon to cover the entire book. It was just my first reaction to what I initially discovered in the new edition of the book (I was not happy with what I found, lol). We want students to come to understand why it’s so important to research and base their conclusions on original writings, not later, posthumous editions of works. Things have a way of being altered in later editions. The task of doing thorough research should include these sorts of analyses in order to get a bigger picture of the domain being studied.

No special qualifications are needed to submit an article and students can choose to do an overall review or select certain segments or chapters to focus on. As mentioned, Joe’s epistemological philosophy should form the foundation of the analyses. His red book (his Book of Love), i.e. Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction presents his terminology and their definitions that will be needed for the analysis. My dissertation also summarizes and demonstrates his philosophy, which might be helpful in understanding the approach.

This exercise is great for new students so that they become more familiar with Beloved’s powerful philosophy, and it will help them become more aware of how knowledge is censored, controlled, and dumbed down by those who have the power to do so. This has been done with knowledge for thousands of years, mostly under the radar. We know that Hermes had written many thousands of books, for example, and we only have a handful, some of them most likely plagiarized and changed.

Future editions of the Journal will focus on critical reviews of various works. If you have suggestions for topics, feel free to send them to the email address above.

$$$ YES!

We are actually going to give rewards for the best articles. Beloved has ALREADY given me the money to pay for the prizes. There will be at least six awards: One $500 award for the best, most thorough article, and five $100 prizes for runner-up articles. This has to be a first. But we always do things differently.





PO BOX 3298

ALBANY, OR 97321-0710



Download Journal of Epistemology Vol 3 Issue 1

In this issue--The School "Bus Ride": The Good, The Bad, And The UglyIntroducing Aspiring, Talented New Authors! Multiple Views of the "School Bus Ride" and A Special Report: An Analysis of the Sandy Hooks Elementary School Shooting: Will Newtown be Providing Answers? 

v Letter from the editor, 5

v The School “Bus Ride”: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Introduction to the Authors and Contents, Vanessa Paradis, 9

v School Bus Memories by Mariecor Agravante, 10

v Wheels on the Bus, D. J. Wowza, 11

v Are Schools Killing Creativity? by L. Morgan, 12

v How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bus, by Jennifer Stopper, 14

v The Last Book In the Universe by Rodman Philbrick: A Book Review by Grant Glesmann, 15

v Rules for Living In Harmony by Andrew Kolasinski, 18

v Thai Bus Rider, Photographed by Andrew Kolasinski, 21

v The Party Bus by Nicole Staton, 22

v Aboard the Boisterous Bus by Jessica McHugh, 23

v The School Bus Ride as Seen through the Eyes of a Former Bus Driver by Debbie Callahan, M.S. Ed., 27

v  Is It Myth or Is It Real? by KingBobby, 29

v Who Is Archangel Cassiel? (Wikipedia), 30

v An Analysis of the Newtown Tragedy: Was the Public Taken for a Ride? by Vanessa Paradis, 33

v Sponsors, 45

v Fair Use Notice, 46


Download Journal of Epistemology Vol 2 Issue 1

Our Special Love Edition--Includes the Love Music Project!

Journal of Epistemology, Volume 2, Issue 1, January-March, 2012

Table of Contents

v Perspective on Love—Introduction, 5

v Osiris: The Pharao of Pop by Susan Elsa, 6

v Transcendent Glyph Art by Czar, 7

v About Eros Love by Vanessa Paradis, 7

v Eros or Cupid, the God of Love by Dr. Paul Kiritsis, 9

v Life is Sex by Clay aka TheJourney, 11

v Give All to Love; Celestial Love by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 11

v The Energy of Love by Jennifer Hoffman, 15

v 2012 Love Music Project, 17

v Love Song by Jose P, 17

v Valentine’s Love Song by Kennam, 17

v Valentine’s Day Song by Maria, 17

v Valentine Song by Yves R, 17

v Love Song by Yun Xu, 17

v Rayman’s Love Song, 17

v Song Lyrics by Kaleena, 18

v Song: Im a Fighter, 19

v Be There by Jacob S, 20

v Valentine’s Song by Luweh H, 21

v Ball of Love by Love@unconditionally, 22 


Download Journal of Epistemology Vol 1 Issue 3

Journal of Epistemology, Volume 1, Issue 3, October-December, 2011
Table of Contents
v Beaver Mercantile: Beaver OR (cover page photo) by Vanessa Paradis aka Sōferia, 1
v Introduction to the Authors and Contents by Vanessa Paradis, Editor, 5
v The Eager Beaver Mercantile by Vanessa Paradis, 6
vGift for the Grangers. The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry (public domain image), 6
v Bean Station, TN. The Daily Blight of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining (photo). We must see the problems to solve the problems. by Vanessa Paradis, 9
v Dissertation Milestone Reflection: A Little Humor by Kathy Purnell, 10
v Newport Bay, Oregon (photo) by Vanessa Paradis, 11
v The Call by Ralph Waldo Emerson (public domain), 11
v The Evolution of Consciousness by Clay Raymond aka TheJourney, 12
v Conquering Boredom: “Boredechno” (Music) by DecenDudeDrew, 18
v Treasure Hunting in Our Everyday Lives by Vanessa Paradis, 19
v Principles of Behaviorism, Constructivism, Social Modeling, and Multiple Intelligences Applied to Music Teaching by Maureen Spranza, 20
v All Aboard? Last Call to Love! by Lauren C. Gorgo, 35
v The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in Their Dreams (photo) by Vanessa Paradis, 41
v A Special Poem for Joe: The First Yellow Rose (2009) by Vanessa Paradis

Download Journal of Epistemology Vol 1 Issue 2

Journal of Epistemology, Volume 1, Issue 2, July-September, 2011
Table of Contents
v  As Above, So Below (cover page poem) by Vanessa Paradis aka Soferia, 1
v  Introduction to the Authors and Contents by Vanessa Paradis, 5
v  I AM YOU (poem) by Clay aka The Journey, 8
v  How Joe Kincheloe Changed My Life (video) by Kara Flageollet, 9
v  Dancing Queen by Vanessa Paradis, 10
v  Artwork by Clay aka TheJourney, 11
v  Dreamer (an essay) by Clay aka The Journey, 12
v  Researching Intuition: Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed Methods? by Maureen Spranza, 15
v  What is Joe Kincheloe’s Bricolage?: Investigating Perspectives by Vanessa Paradis, 25
v  A Better Way by Allison Ray, 26
v  Remembering Joe Lyons Kincheloe: A Revered Master by Vanessa Paradis, 27
v  I Remember: Susan Elsa Channels the Pharaohs in Egypt (music video), 48
v  The Harvest by Allison Ray, 49
v  Ecological Thang Goin’ On: An Analogy by Vanessa Paradis, 51
v  Photography by Vanessa Paradis: Yellow RoseNewport Bay, Oregon; Be A Dreamer! Newport Beach, Oregon; and Old Stage House, Albany, Oregon.
v  Cover Photograph by Rainbow Princess: The Golden Gate Bridge

Download Journal of Epistemology Vol 1 Issue 1

Journal of Epistemology, Volume 1, Issue 1, April-June, 2011
Table of Contents
v  Introduction to the First Issue, Vanessa Jae Paradis
v  Why Epistemology? What is Epistemology? Vanessa Jae Paradis
v  Introduction to the Contents and Authors, Editor
v  One of Many Barns in Kings Valley, OR, Photograph
v   Keynote: What Adults Can Learn from Kids, Adora Svitak
v  Akashic Records on Education, Jen Eramith
v  The Brain Age, Drew Sanford
v  Acquiring a Dissertation by Duplicating Others, Ronald Brown
v  Still Life, Painting, Child
v  What Really Caused the Achievement Gap in Our Rural Community Schools? Julie Seale White
v  Shifting from the Sage on the Stage to the Guide on the Side, Maureen Spranza
v  A Girl, Painting, Child
v  Cryptography: Secret Writing
v  How Curricular Development Research Can Guide Technology Integration, Vanessa Jae Paradis

v  Yellow Rose, Photograph 

Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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