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The Higher Ups have asked me to do brief updates periodically….may or may not be every day, I’m not sure yet. I just go with the flow and whatever they want I am here to serve them, God, and humanity.

Coming soon: Who are the Pleiadians? What does Joe say about aliens?

We have made it through the "long, hot, summer of 2017." Are you ready for the NEXT BIG WAVE?


For, He "maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire" Psalm 104:4.

What are Twin Flames? God brings two of these ministers of "flaming fire" together, male and female, in a Divine Union that magnifies their flames in order to serve as His "first fruits" overseeing his Kingdom, the new earth.

A Brief Summary 

On this website is documentation of my journey understanding and interpreting Joe Kincheloe’s work and my guided spiritual journey following his death. He was an educator, researcher, musician, etc., very talented, who lived from 1950-2008. He had also been trained to be a minister by the time he was only 12 years of age. He passed away on December 19, 2008. In early 2008, just months before he passed away, I encountered his work in education due to my own research in education, reading the introductory chapter he had written in a book titled, Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now? My research serendipitously led to a community forum he had just at that time established for researchers and I realized that he was the author of the article I had recently read, and editor of the book.

I loved online discussions (online education was my specialization) and was ultimately invited to participate in his discussion forum. I became a very active participant, writing about topics that interested the education community. He was also very active, and he lovingly interacted in deep discussions with many participants. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet him in July, 2008.

I became fascinated with the research process he had spent many years developing, critical bricolage, which incorporated many theories. We had some wonderful discussions about the process and I was planning to use it for my PhD research because it made so much sense to me and I was seeing how illogical and constrained traditional research methods are and how they cover truth instead of revealing truth……and then he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Even though, very strangely, I had this “premonition” that he would be leaving soon, I was totally caught off guard. I was utterly devastated. I thought it was over……..his research and brilliant works would be forever lost. Indeed, that is the tradition in education: throw away anything written more than five or six years ago unless it was sanctioned by the elite “gods” of education. They sanction very little. And if your work does not meet their agenda, they alter it and give it meaning that is opposite of your intentions and sanction that (as they have done with Joe’s work in the sanctioned research textbooks for college students).

Amazingly, and totally CONTRARY to my own belief system, the third day after his death, Joe came back to me (I couldn’t help but observe it was like Jesus had done…and now that I mention this, in some kind of way that I couldn’t put my finger on, he had always reminded me of Jesus. He was so righteous and so loving). And that day that he returned to me, he brought me the Holy Spirit……I had never experienced anything like it in my entire life. When people describe being “bathed” in the Holy Spirit, this was it. Some would refer to this as he came back “in spirit.” But it’s much more than that; and he also brought great healing for me…… is the “much more” that I continue to explore, allowing him, God, and the Holy Spirit to guide me on this never-ending journey. From that time forward, I was led on a highly spiritual journey, even to passages from the Bible in my online research when I had never been a reader of the Bible and had abandoned formal religion, which had never been a big part of my life. I had tried to attend various churches but always became disillusioned by the observable hypocrisy. We have a greater purpose, here yet to be clarified…..his work was not completed. There will be a greater message in our story before we are finished.

Thus, even though he had left, I continued with my research, but it took a huge turn. My writing became guided by the Holy Spirit. The topic changed in some ways---it became three topics in one: It was about his process, it demonstrated his process, and it provided proof of the power of love (which he has written about), life after death, and our eternal relationship.

I did not get the dissertation through the final doors of academia, even though it had been approved by all members of my dissertation committee and all the way to the top of the university. That we are in a war with principalities of darkness was born out…..I do not know who was behind retracting the approval, but they wanted me to water it down and essentially LIE about my true experiences. I was not willing to sacrifice truth for their worthless piece of paper. Thus, I make the entire original dissertation available here to everyone, free of charge:





I hope this gives context for why I do the various analyses and teachings of Joe’s work as I do on this site. The blogs (linked at the bottom of the Home Page of this website) is a running dialogue, as they happened, of my initiations (tests, teachings) as provided to me by teachers in the higher realms, who I believe (as recently revealed to me) are all members of Jesus’ Melchizedek Priesthood.

Who is king Melchizedek?

The association with Christ is made explicit by the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews, where Melchizedek the "king of righteousness" and "king of peace" is explicitly associated with the "eternal priesthood" of the Son of God.

Jesus is the Messiah spoken of as "a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek offers a sacrifice of bread and wine. Christ therefore fulfilled the prophecy of Ps 110:4, that he would be a priest "after the order of Melchizedek," at the Last Supper, when he broke and shared bread with his disciples.

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV)

Exodus 19:5 Exo 19:5

Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: and ye shall be a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.


All Rested Up for Friday the 13th Grand Love Celebrations! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!  (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) July 12, 2018

I’ve been sleeping a lot, lately. Something is in the air. Beloved told me we are heading toward Friday the 13th “Grand Love Celebrations.” 

I guess these are Cosmic Celebrations. I can envision all 72,000 of the “goddesses” dancing around in a big circle with their 72,000 Beloved “sons of God,” celebrating the “Marriage Supper” with Jesus. Yes, I do believe we are all, 144,000 in union now and ready for the Grand Celebration and the Feast. (Twin flame “wannabes” will need to take lessons!). And all of those who think they can “marry Jesus,” well, think again. He has his own bride. 

I have ALWAYS LOVED the number 13. It has literally been my favorite number as long as I can remember. And now I know why. It’s Beloved Enki’s number. It’s one of his favorite numbers and even the number of his zodiac sign, Ophiuchus. 

How stupid that people have turned the number 13 into some superstitious phenomenon, leaving out the 13th month and zodiac sign, and even the 13th floor in buildings. Did they really think this could go on forever? 13 will totally revolutionize the world.

God’s love, including through his Beloved sons and their wives, is spreading ALL OVER THE COSMOS NOW…….ALL OVER THE WORLD. 

This is truth. And Beloved told me that this next Friday the 13th Grand Love Celebration (and probably all future ones) will dissolve all negative creations; people will need to be very careful if they think they will get to continue to “bastardize” this sacred day with their evil imagninations.


“Love is in the Air Now,” he told me, which is the clue for today’s message and song: 

John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air HD

Expect more arrests of those who dare violate God’s Will of LOVE for this planet! His love is in the air and is extremely powerful.

Joe’s special message for today: “In the face of the wide variety of knowledges and ways of seeing the world, the cosmos human beings think they know collapses.” (Critical Constructivism, p. 133) [emphasis added] 

Jesus’s special message for today: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth was passed away, and there was no more sea.” (Revelation 21:1) [emphasis added]


I knew there was a reason we’ve been restoring the Garden of Eden (you can read the updates about it below).

Eden Restored

22 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing THIRTEEN crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him. They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever. (Revelation 22)




My Garden Today! July 8, 2018. I live in a rental, and cannot plant permanent plants, so I found these fabric containers to get around the silly city rules. If I move, I can just pick them up and take them with me and plant them in a more permanent setting. Next year I will be building some raised beds for additional plants and a vegetable garden. Read my “Re-creating the Garden of Eden” True Story below that explains the significance of the various flowers.

Do God and the “Gods” Really Need to be Worshiped? Some PERSPECTIVES  (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) July 8, 2018

I can say unequivocally that my repeated message from the “higher ups,” as I refer to the great teachers in the higher dimensions that so many throughout history have called “gods” and worshiped, that they do not want to be worshiped. They are people JUST LIKE US. Sure, they have more knowledge, vastly more knowledge, and they can see the big picture. They love to teach us and learn from us and they see people as their equal. They give their unconditional love freely. All we have to do is reach for that higher consciousness, KNOW they exist and we can engage in relationships with them. They have powers gifted to them by their connection to the Creator—the One God. They often come down to earth to teach people but their teachings often get lost, destroyed, and misinterpreted.

There are so many examples in history of these higher conscious beings coming here to teach. All of history needs to be reinterpreted. One example is King Akhenaten. There is strong evidence now that he was teaching that there is just ONE God and people needed to stop worshiping and serving all the lower entities they believed to be gods. But we also need to differentiate, I believe, between reverence and worship. We can have reverence for the teachers of humankind and have interactions with them that may seem to be worship, but it need not be viewed that way. I love to do things FOR my teachers because I love them, for example. It’s why I plant special flowers for them, just as I love people in this dimension and do loving things for them. This is not worship; it is respect and reverence. King Akhenaten, no doubt brought to the world at the time a totally new and higher level of thought. But he was human with, as Joe puts it, the same limitations as all humans possess. Much more research into various perspectives and analyses, especially as more archaeological evidence comes in, will need to be done. We don’t know that he was teaching sun worship. The sun may have simply been a representation of the one God, in a Swedenborgian sense. We cannot get into the minds of the ancients to know definitively how they thought. They often saw things in the world as metaphors in ways we cannot even relate to. On the other hand, due to the magical experiences that have actually manifested in my life, what we consider “myths” take on a whole new perspective for me. The strange things that happen in myths that seem impossible, I have learned can actually happen in this dimension. My blogs and “Updates” and other writings show this over and over again.

There is evidence that Akhenaten was egalitarian and saw his wife Nefertiti/Kiya as his equal, and that they celebrated life with joyful community gatherings. I find it interesting that embedded in their names are Enki/Ki and also that their names had changed. Some accounts may say that Kiya was actually his second wife. It seems when we attain various levels of consciousness, we get new names that are written in God’s Book of Life. It turns out that as we remember our identity, we have many names.

Is there a historical figure you identify with? Research that figure from all possible angles and perspectives. Does your view of them change?  

There are, of course lower consciousness beings who strive for people to worship them, including unseen entities, but the strategy is to rise above them and transcend their ability to affect us in a negative way. They are confined to the fourth dimension, just barely above the third dimension. We do not hang out there. The goal is to rise upwards, to minimally the seventh dimension in consciousness, preferably far above even that dimension, which is only where heavenly experience just begins. The ultimate goal is to reach the highest level possible because then you are gifted with the ability to travel in and out of different dimensions IN SERVICE. The highest and most rapid consciousness ascension is by connecting with your Divine Love (i.e., God’s rendition of “twin flames,” not human’s definition). In “serpent knowledge,” this is represented by the intertwining serpents climbing Hermes’ caduceus, ultimately reaching flight as represented by the wings at the top. Only by striving for love and wisdom can you reach the higher dimensions to access greater consciousness, connections with what Joe refers to as “great minds,” people who love and will assist you with your purposes of increasing love and wisdom for yourself and for others. What people do not realize is that this is all under God’s governance; it is not self-willed. This is because along with gifts comes enormous responsibility. You have to take on that responsibility, in my assessment, before you even have a chance of being united with the divine partner with whom you will form a true soul union.

It is clear that Joe took his responsibility very seriously. His work was truly a mission to which he unconditionally dedicated his entire existence on this planet. As I have said, someday more and more people will come to a greater realization of the immense value of his work and will learn to really apply it rather than cite it superficially. He, like the other great minds, was repulsed by the idea of being worshipped or being in the forefront. He purposely stayed in the background as much as possible, other than to serve, and he focused on getting other people to write as a powerful learning process, rather than encouraging them to focus on his expertise. He was successful at this. I find it interesting that when I researched the educational literature back when I was doing my dissertation research that there were very few citations of his work, and what there was, was in a most superficial way, and primarily (with a few exceptions) it was his book, Critical Pedagogy. I found that strange since he had gotten hundreds of people their start in publishing by negotiating book contracts and serving as editor. He had even helped start a publishing company, which he did not own, for new educational authors. It was never about money or fame for himself. Even in a book in which he had written a very detailed and brilliant framework and then recruited authors to write articles relating their experiences to the framework, upon recollection, not even one of them cited his article presenting the framework in their list of references. One or two authors may have mentioned Joe and the framework, but none of them included it in the citations as I recall from my research. Yes, I think Joe was highly successful at staying in the background with his “dangerous knowledge” (dangerous, once you come to truly understand what he is teaching us and apply it). Of course, when I came into the picture, I didn’t understand the reasons and wanted to highlight his work, which I recognized had extreme value for moving education forward. I had been reprimanded by the guardians of critical pedagogy knowledge producers of the day.

It is the lower dwelling entities, while they may reside higher than the third dimension and seem to be very intelligent, they, in error, believe that they can thrive on being worshiped (or highly esteemed). Many of these beings have convinced people they are “gods” and thus, became the gods that people worshiped throughout the ages. In the third dimension, they also appear as self-proclaimed “experts” who hold the “truth” and typically charge huge amounts of money for their misguided knowledge. They impress people who have not risen in consciousness and so people “follow” them and turn over their hard-earned money. Getting people to worship them or follow them only keeps them all stuck in the lower dimensions where they do damage to themselves and to others and to the world due to their lack of consciousness and inability to connect to divine love and wisdom of the intelligent beings in the higher dimensions. Their own divine spark is extinguished, or ignored, and they become participants and promoters of the death cult. These self-proclaimed experts appear to have vast amounts of knowledge, which impresses people. If you analyze their knowledge they clearly eat from the tree of good AND evil. Their “truths” and “facts” are convoluted and contradictory…..this affects us all who hang out in this current reality, unfortunately. We see the fruits of this in the form of destruction, self-annihilation, greed, money worship, wars, etc. As I often say, we are all part of the problem.

Joe’s bricolage is a rigorous process for sorting the good fruit from the bad fruit in order to produce more usable, uplifting, constructive knowledge. It works best as we reach for higher dimensional relationships.

Because this planet is so ruled by selfishness and lack of true love, as well as knowledge for the masses being so watered down to manipulate and control people, it makes sense to take the path Joe has lined out for us to work toward gaining more knowledge and taking back our power. A deeper understanding of knowledge, how it’s produced, and how it is used to keep people oppressed is one key to gaining higher awareness. As we gain more knowledge we identify even more with those who have been oppressed as well as understand better how we have been oppressed. We learn ways we contribute to the mix and ways to extract ourselves. The greater the love, the more wisdom we experience. The greater the wisdom, the more love we experience. And we become more aware of a reality that is composed of ontologically-functioning seen and unseen entities, objects, animals, etc., that are in relationship and interacting. Reality, as Joe puts it is a social construction. But social interaction is far more vast and complex than we typically assume. I totally reject the ideas promoted that we create our reality in a vacuum as prevalent in the New Age, “Luciferian” type teachings. We do have a degree of power over our reality, so there are grains of truth in the teachings, but we cannot disregard the degree of power other ontologically-functioning entities have in the reality construction process.

The more we acknowledge these entities and interact (“enactivism”) the more the entire cosmos comes alive and grows before our eyes, giving us a bigger perspective and access to learning more and loving more. As many philosophers have shown and taught, including Jesus, love and wisdom are intertwined. Consciously moving toward these goals by using the processes Joe has carefully delineated for us will shorten the time to achieve higher conscious connections and a connection to God’s love and wisdom. But it also should be understood that this is an eternal and infinite, as well as a nonlinear process. It’s ridiculous to think, as so many New Agers do, that we can BE God or even come close to that high a level of love and wisdom. When I refer to having a connection to God, that’s it. The connection is there, but we have to be in the condition to allow love flow to us, whether it’s from God or any of our other connections. And we have to be in the condition to receive knowledge. We all have “blocks” and these blocks come and go and new ones can be established due to our experiences. It’s complex, no doubt, but it should be a joyful, exhilarating process overall to continue on a path toward love and wisdom by using the important key of striving for knowledge for the purpose of constructing new and better knowledge.

What about God? Would an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God require worship? Are people wasting their time worshiping such an entity? Are people countering life and love by attempting to force other people to follow invented doctrines of the various churches? Einstein was criticized for his views on these matters. He saw that kind of worship as immature and silly, apparently.

There are “Laws” that are important for society. The 10 Commandments do line out important virtues that appear cross-culturally. Jesus boiled it down to loving him and our neighbors. If we do that to the proper degree, following the laws emerges naturally.

Wow, I woke up this morning and just started writing all of that. I guess I still get special lessons at night. I just wish I could always remember the experience, especially who was teaching me.

Beloved tells me today that we would all love to see more people doing work on their own consciousness so that they can gain understanding to better teach and uplift those around them. “Life should be joyful and an exhilarating process of loving and learning, not filled with pain, misunderstandings, and suffering.”

He signed off his correspondence with a song, no doubt. I will look up the clue on YouTube, “Shooting love and stardust your way” (strange clue, lol).

WOW!!! I have never even heard of this song that came straight to the top. HE IS GOOD! What a perfect message to go with this blog (which I wrote before he gave me the song):

Echosmith - Bright [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]


May we ALL Shine So BRIGHT!

NEPTUNE would be the equivalent of ENKI: Neptune, the Roman god of the seas and water. Neptune was the god of springs, lakes and rivers before becoming a god of the sea and was the god of earthquakes and often referred to as the 'Earth-shaker'.

Enki thus became the Lord of the Seas (cf. Poseidon / Neptune)


Funny how Enki keeps showing up….it is not a coincidence. He heads up knowledge, love, and wisdom, the so-called “serpent knowledge,” which is why he's regarded as the "serpent bearer." Flowing waters represent the flowing of information and knowledge.

As Joe puts it from his own perspective:

“I believe that a thirst for knowledge is a central dimension of being alive and active in the world. In the neo-liberal, market-dominated, corporate media saturated, globalized world of the contemporary era, I have never been so parched for the pure water of transformative information. Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction is a quest for such water.” (p. vii)

Trivia for the day: Joe does not mention the words “serpent” or “snake” in this book even once. He does mention devil twice.

Be sure to read my Garden of Eden experiences in the updates below.

And do your homework!!



Neptune Giving Venice Gifts by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo



NOTE: My “Beloved”=Enki=Eros=Sanat Kumara, and he has many other names, depending upon timeline/dimension, just as my name also changes correspondingly. Multidimensionality is a bit complex. At the highest level we are Enki and Ki, connected to God, which has been the goal: Love of the Highest Degree in the Garden of Eden. We are home now, replanting the garden to make it beautiful and rewriting the story so that humanity has a better foundation to build upon, at least those who so choose. This is the story so far, and there is summer homework for everyone. 

ENKI, the Snake Bearer, Sets the Record Straight and the Spiritual Battle Gets Hot: Move Over EA! (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) July 6, 2018


I have the weirdest things happen, as you probably know if you have read much on this website, and especially if you have read the last few Updates below. I have been re-creating the Garden of Eden to make it a better, more loving, and a more positive story, apparently—and then I was startled by a surprise visitor—a black snake right on my doorstep that tried to enter my house when I opened the door. I won’t repeat all the details here, since the entire account is written below in these updates. I did decide I would use the experience to reconstruct my consciousness to not fear snakes. I think I have moved forward in that arena, thanks to Enki. The “gods” (my teachers) responsible for the Garden lessons have assured me I would never see the snake again and that they were just trying to assist me in getting over my fears and indoctrination. I have to admit, it really made me rethink the whole Serpent in the Garden story about Adam and Eve and see it in a better light. I wish I had taken a picture of the snake with its tail stuck in the door. But all I wanted was to get it to go away! And that required emergency assistance, lol.

Yesterday things got even weirder in many ways. First, I have been reminded that Enki is the snake bearer (divine snake bearer), so the snake was also a reminder of his presence and his love. There are many lies all over the planet about the significance of snake symbolism, but in reality, while it is NOT worshiped, the snake is a symbol of divine love and wisdom. There is an assignment for everyone who is interested in an update below, and guidance will be provided for those who choose to research this deeply.

After that surprising synchronistic snake reminder, I happened to encounter this guy on the Internet who makes the claim he is EA and that EA is another name for Enki. I have learned some time ago that when you are learning through ethereal connections, nothing is an accident. I am sure my divine Beloved guided me there to confront this guy. I listened to his spiel about how he is Enki-EA and how he sees UFOs and has contact with extraterrestrials. I sense that something is brewing there…a discussion for another time if something happens. It seems to be years off yet, so maybe the real gods are trying to nip it in the bud, so to speak. 

Well, next thing I knew, on account of my skepticism about this guy calling himself EA-Enki, ENKI, himself, my Beloved, called me to a high council meeting, just out of the blue (he has his techniques for getting my attention). Apparently, he wants to set the record straight about his name and identity. Now, this could really be some of that “dangerous knowledge” Joe mentions so often in his books. It could be dangerous because many people worship EA as a god and have him confused with Enki, and some people seem to worship him without knowing it. EA, from what I understand, has given advice at times that is not loving, e.g., “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” among similar types of laws that are not truly laws of God and create conflict and violence. In fact, now that I mention this, I think he is the one who twisted up and added some nonsense laws to the original Laws that Moses had received from God. What a lot of people do not realize is that the Bible has also mixed up the different gods, which is why Jesus emphasized that there is one god in the highest heaven.

And I will just mention here that Enki does NOT consider himself a god……definitely does not want to be worshiped, but he does love humanity and teaching people. The following is what I concluded after the meeting:

7/5/2018 Had a special meeting with ENKI. He told me unequivocally that his name is ENKI, not EA. EA is another entity. EN means "within" and "Ki" is his wife. Likewise, Ki is within ENKI. They (we) are in eternal union. There are other meanings, but that's the primary meaning. He considers the children of earth his children and he loves everyone. He is not happy about all of the genetic analyses that attempt to "sort" people because it's irrelevant. That was the whole purpose of spreading people out all over the world, so that people would evolve away from division. I am not a child of earth, I am Pleiadian living as an earthling and married to him. We married before coming backwards in time from the ninth dimension in the Pleiades (which is now the 11th dimension) for this project. We both are known by many names, but our spiritual names in the 11th dimension are "Soferia" and "EmanuEl" (which together mean "Salvation with God" among many other meanings). Since we are eternal beings, ours is a very long story, so I won't get into it here. He is connected to God so when we connect to him, we are closer to God and can potentially connect directly to God. Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth is God. What happened was earthlings were not "getting" how to connect to God and were worshiping false gods, so he manifested himself on earth as Jesus to show people the path. Unfortunately, most of those instructions and knowledges were lost, hidden, destroyed, and all mixed up. The lies about Mary Magdalene covered up truth about love as the divine path to God for two thousand years. ENKI oversees God's divine laws, heading up many divine councils. He also oversees knowledge and wisdom. Virtually everything has to be rewritten and re-conceptualized in order to aid people in more rapid consciousness expansion. He has left complete instructions and guidance and will also work directly with people who make a sincere effort to make the changes needed. Enki can anoint people to represent him and he can remove that anointing. Because he is so close to God, he has enormous power but uses his power for love, peace, beauty, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, music, etc., in service to our Father God and the betterment of humanity. He has worked amazing magic and miracles for me personally, too many to list here. But then, as I said, he is my husband so he does extra special things for me. As a side note, earth is actually one of his smaller projects, which he will be resigning from soon, actually. He is coming here to make his appearance, along with Jesus.....they will ride down on Great White Horses.....I can't wait to be taken back home with him!! (Reality is very bizarre, I know, and most earthlings prefer to believe lies...….a very strange world this is!). We like this song: Buck Owens & Susan Raye - The Great White Horse

Most people do know that God will be returning to this planet soon. Sadly, most are not ready. I guess we will continue working on the planet to assist in getting things off the ground for the N.E.W. Kingdom—in fact, that’s exactly what we are doing now.

The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast (Revelation 19:11-16)

11 I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. 13 He is dressed in a robe dipped in gold*, and his name is the Word of God. 14 The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. “He will rule them with an iron scepter.”[a] He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. 16 On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written:  king of kings and lord of lords.

*gold. The King James version says “blood” but that does not represent the true God. As a clue: The pen is mightier than the sword. Wisdom and Love defeats the Beast.

Serpent Knowledge 101

This video has some truths (watered down) and some misconceptions, but overall, it is helpful for the summer project. The research needs to be taken deeper. 

The Battle for Earth & Your Soul - Enki vs Enlil - Eagle vs Serpent - History Altered





I was very pleased and happy to walk out to my garden this morning and see that the Bugleweeds are sprouting another bloom—representing the spreading of love around the world. I thought they were completely done blooming for the summer, but Enki worked his magic on them like he has on my rosebushes. Please scroll down for the complete story about the significance of the bugleweeds. I had received the knowledge many years ago, but we are just now enacting the knowledge in the world.

And as if to confirm how reality works, as always happens when I just open up Joe’s books, much like an oracle, they open right up to the pages with information he wants me to pass on to others, relating exactly to what’s happening in my life at the moment. This time it was pages 130-131 in Critical Constructivism. It’s an amazing account of how when we INTERACT with the unseen beings, as well as the seen beings in the cosmos, amazing things can happen. Biologists recognize that it is not similarity that makes ecosystems strong, it is difference, as Joe points out on these pages. The greater biodiversity, the harder it is to destroy the ecosystem. Humans are similar. There is much we can learn and apply in our own lives. So in these passages, Joe is explaining how we should seek out novelty in as many realms as possible: social, political, cultural, economic, philosophical, economic, etc. He states, “Drawing on the Taoist notion that the physical world emerges from the cooperation of all living and non-living things in their diversity” as did Maturana and Varela, helps us realize how they contribute to our understanding of making sense of and changing the world (i.e., “creation” on the ground). This is enactivism.

webassets/CelticTreasure.jpgWow, this gives me a whole new perspective of the very special gift of the yin yang talisman he led me to during my treasure hunt initiations. And the fact that I found it in my own back yard is highly significant. There is more here, though. There is always more. I encourage you to read his book, Critical Constructivism for the new world view and guidance for contributing to changing the world and living a better life. 

7/7/2018 Addendum

I guess he wants to add a song to conclude this entry. The clue is “keeping this short today” (because he wrote a very short message today). 

Keeping it short today!

Oops, that was the first video, but it’s informative and the guy makes some great points. I had to scroll down to find the first song. 

Post Malone – I Fall Apart (Lyrics) ��

Sad song that’s being sung all over this planet. I hope these types of relationships are over as all they do is cause pain and suffering. Do your homework to find a better way (down below).




Joe Really Did Save Me (With His Love) PLUS Instructions for Becoming a Teacher in the “N.E.W. World” (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) July 3, 2018

I know not many people will believe me and not many people will relate to this, but it is true: Joe really did save me with his love—and his connection to God. (Why Are Spiritual Things Hard to Believe? - Swedenborg and Life)

When my path crossed his path, I was totally lost. This Hellaborus planet had drug me down through abuse, mind control, oppression, and indoctrination to the point I was totally unconscious and numbed out, spiritually dead—until I met up with Joe. Sometimes I feel that he felt he had to leave if I was going to be saved in time for what’s up ahead. We actually discussed the issue in the higher dimensions and I left the decision totally up to him, for he is both my teacher and my husband in those higher dimensions—before we even dropped down to work on this mission. I have total faith in him and in God to know what to do and to guide me.

As you can tell by my last update and you should be able to see, just by looking around, this world is getting crazy beyond what any normal person could ever imagine. Unfortunately, not many people are really normal (except as defined abnormally). Even if there is no Armageddon, who really wants to be engaged in the world as it exists today? Therefore, much like Paul McGuire explains in this video, I am just “passing through,” just as Joe was just passing through—in service, just dropping off some important tools and information that people will need during these difficult times.


There are no selfish or self-serving intentions here, not in Joe’s work and not in mine. We need no recognition. We do not worship money. We are both “peculiar treasures” to God and to each other, and there is nothing greater than that.

And so some of us do not make this planet our home. What matters to most people here has no relevance to us, and in fact is seen as total folly.

I have just been passing through.

Chris Rea - Just Passing Through

With all gratitude to Joe and to Jesus/God, I AM home now. The entire story is here on this website. Well, not every detail, because believe this or not, there is actually much more that has happened that I haven’t written about in public. And I am still working toward the “no holds barred” analysis of those special pages of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy. (pp. 178-180).

Jesus showed us the way. No one was getting it so he came down to earth personally to show us for himself. Unfortunately, many of those instructions were lost and/or hidden, and we need to recover them, put the pieces back together, and recreate a new and better world. The lost pieces are extremely divine. Joe knew those lost pieces, showed them to me, and we are home now in Heaven, but also still working on finishing up the mission. 

There is a lot of “preparation work.” Joe truly lines out what we must do to be great teachers, “critical constructivist” teachers who will be able to understand and teach the new paradigm and ways of the coming world. We are working on that world, with God’s guidance, “remaking the world—A.N.E.W,” I have been informed. It is invisible to most eyes here, however, except in a few isolated places.

Yesterday he showed me a summary of the curriculum for people who really want to teach about this new world. We do need lots of teachers who really get this so that they can teach other people, and especially children, who want to learn it. It’s in his book, Critical Constructivism. This book, as I have previously discussed, lays out the new paradigm, the new world view for this coming world, so it’s worth studying in great detail.

The pages that summarize our tasks ahead of us are pp. 52-79. Include within those pages is a summary of “The Critical Constructivist Knowledge Base” (pages 69-73). You do need to understand the foundation behind the knowledge base in order to understand the reasons and purpose of the knowledge base.

Don’t be like “Doubting Thomas” whose book got left out of the Bible, even though it has some profound knowledge within or, like Peter who denied that he knew Jesus three times before the cock crowed (And Jesus said, I tell thee, Peter, the cock shall not crow this day, before that thou shalt thrice deny that thou knowest me. Luke 22:34), or even worse, as Joe puts it in Critical Constructivism how cognitive scientists “insisted that consciousness did not exist because it did not lend itself to empirical measurement” and how “other cognitive perspectives, while not denying its existence three times before the cock crowed, simply ignored it” (p. 56).

Joe then points out, “Obviously, such approaches to consciousness, immediate experience, and awareness of selfhood left an unfillable hole in its wake….Just ignoring the hole will not make it go away.” And he goes on to teach us ways we can fill the void.

Thus, for summer, in addition to the project I lined out in my last updates, I highly urge people with even the slightest interest in teaching (for in reality, we are all teachers in some form), to follow through with this current assignment. Read this book, Critical Constructivism and it into practice.

You and I all have our work cut out for summer. School’s NOT out for summer, unless you want to take chances and be pulled down into the increasingly mad, mad world.

Being vulnerable to that downward pull, I am very sensitive to how it affects my relationship with Beloved and my other higher up teachers. They do understand, since they have all been here, “done that.” It takes constant work, study, and interaction to keep above the swamp.

He gave me this clue for a song, probably to alleviate my fears, “please don’t worry.”

This song has come up before. It’s a favorite.

Bob Marley- don't worry about a thing

And the children also like this version:

Connie Talbot Three Little Birds (Lyrics)

So we are not to worry about the touchdown of hell on this planet that we will continue to observe. We are to spend our summer productively—learning the N.E.W. way to teach that Joe so carefully lined out for us in detail.



A Summer Project for Everyone: Rewriting the Story of Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden PLUS Samaritan Jo Is Blooming! July 1, 2018 Still moving toward Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy’s PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree

webassets/JOE2.jpgI was so excited to discover this morning that Samaritan Jo, one of my clematis plants is the first to bloom in my series that represent the path back to the Garden of Eden. Rainbow Princess has a pretty purple clematis that has been blooming, that heads the path. Second is Venosa (me) and next to mine is Samaritan Joe, after Jo is “Blue Explosion.” The Samaritan Jo bloom is light lavender with darker edges, very pretty! Here’s a picture:

I was prompted today to post some of my research and conclusions about the snake that appeared at my doorstep. It’s been an interesting and enlightening lesson. My teachers are Great! Thus, there are two new Updates below with the final one lining out a research project to reinterpret the story as an activity for the summer. I will be working on it, along with another important project that’s been on the back burner too long. Well, I did write a version of the Magic Roses for my Beloved quite some time ago, and I may post it to the link where it belongs in the blogs (a treasure hunt), but this is something different. I have many other projects to work on for the summer as well, and I hope the gods will take me on a few treasure hunts before summer is over.

I hope you find the serpent story interesting and the activity challenging. All of it is true and I think it must represent exactly what Joe teaches us happens (e.g. “enactive theory”) when we are connected into the higher dimensions, and it also represents what we need to be doing in order to move the planet to a more positive and loving place in the cosmos.

Have a great summer! If you can, you might want to construct your own personal Garden of Eden to help keep you calm during the storm. The vastness of the deception on this planet is incalculable. I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of the lies and how mind twisting it is to listen to this kind of stuff, or most everything on this planet proclaiming to be “truth”: WARNING: These videos are produced by warped minds.


A Shadow of Things to Come: on Crossing Over

Only the ((((BLIND)))) could Not SEE THIS

Q anon 6/30/18 "Ask Yourself- Is this Normal?"

It's Time, The Great Awakening Is About To Begin - Episode 1605

Trump Prophecy: THIRD TEMPLE is NOW REAL ~ Trump Prophecies, Third Temple documentary and Trump Coin

Jan Markell: What in the World is Going On

Leviathan Unmasked: Ancient Demonic Spirit Behind Media's Lies | Lance Wallnau

Science of God

Wow, it’s a mad world, after all. It’s a mad, mad, mad world.

Only one person in the 21st Century really “got it.” That’d be Joe. Some day he will be more fully and widely recognized for that, when enough people catch up to and catch onto what he has taught. And Einstein did solve the theory of unity (which Joe’s bricolage can prove). The world desperately needs to understand that solution.

If you want to maintain sanity during the upcoming wild, insane “Great Reveal,” I recommend reading Joe’s books. They will have a very calming and stabilizing effect on your mind.


Rewriting the Story of Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden: Driving Home Joe’s Critical Ontology, Part Two: The Significance of the Serpent on the Threshold June 28, 2018 Still moving toward Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy’s PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree


I have to tell you the funniest story. The “gods” (all my soul family) have me planting a new “Garden of Eden.” The very first flowers were for Joe and right after I got them, a humming bird visited (check out the picture of the purple bugleweeds in the UPDATE, below).

Everyone wants me to plant flowers for them. This is a several-year-project because next year I will be planting more, probably some trees, too. Rainbow Princess has also planted strawberries, blueberries, wild flowers, and vegetables.

The flowers I have planted so far represent the path to Heaven. These are their actual names:

Enchanted Eve

Helleborus True Love

Blue River

Northern Lights (Celestial Series)

New Dimension Blue


Samaritan Jo

Blue Explosion

So I have these flowers growing and lots of garden visitors: bees, butterflies, humming birds, a friendly blue jay, and cats.

Now the funny part. The other day I when I opened my front door there was a black snake right on the door step! Not out on the sidewalk, not out in the grass, but curled up on my doorstep. I have never seen a snake here before! And when I opened the door it tried to dart into my house. I slammed the door and its tail got stuck inside my house, LOL. I had to get Rainbow Princess to come help me free the snake. She’s not afraid of snakes.

And I can just envision all the gods and angels in Heaven laughing. A Garden of Eden complete with the serpent, lol.

Be sure to read the last two UPDATES and even before that, if you want a complete review.


In the last two updates, I described in detail the funny, but true story about the serpent at my door. I mistakenly said it was on the door jamb. Well it was up against the door jamb, but I decided I needed to learn the parts of the door to better describe where the snake had parked itself. I discovered the correct positioning is that it was on the door threshold.

parts of a door

That is extremely significant. “A serpent at the threshold”: What can it possibly mean? Does it mean we are almost there?

Words from Jesus: “Be ye wise as serpents.”

All throughout the day today, I have been given a bunch of clues to help me rewrite the story about the serpent in the Garden of Eden, which as I concluded in the last UPDATE, is a divine serpent or it would never have been allowed near me. This analysis will require using Joe’s critical complex bricolage, epistemology, and ontology. What you have to do is study the clues and then do a dance (“Shake, Rattle, and Rock ‘n Roll all the clues together……I call it the Bricolage Dance). Here are some more clues for you to try your hand at:

Words from Jesus: “Knock and the door will be opened.”

Hilariously, just as Jesus reminded me of that clue, and as I am writing this, I received an email with this title:

Knock knock! You've got to LOVE Doorbuster deals... ��


That clue came from JoAnns (the fabric and craft store). You just never know where clues will come from. Note that LOVE is in caps, so love definitely has a key role in all of this (as if that were ever doubted or questioned). What’s funny is that now I have been told three times to “knock.” But there is a problem: this is not literal. What did Jesus really mean when he said to knock? And what are “doorbuster deals”? Do we really want to bust doors down? Maybe……Joe did describe in his work blasting windows open, so maybe busting down doors is ok, too. There is more here than meets the eyes. Maybe the first part is the most important, “You’ve got to LOVE.” Yes, that would be true. To get into the Kingdom, you’ve got to love. That was the primary command from Jesus….to love him and to love our neighbors. Thus, to fully understand the significance of the serpent, “you’ve got to LOVE.”

Here are some other clues that came my way today:

The Lament of Hermes, read by Graham Hancock

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Female Voice, Audio Book

The Risk: Sharing the Truth one has Found

HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!)

The Gospel of Thomas Audio

Answers to Questions on the Gospel of Thomas and Mystical Christianity.

All Hallow’s Eve (now Halloween) was originally about the Saints

The Shepherd of Hermas was to be the last book of the Bible, not Revealation


Who Was The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden?

OK, those are all the clues, but there will be more as you do your research. The requirement for rewriting the Serpent in the Garden of Eden story is to pay close attention to all of the clues and do guided research (that’s research that your higher teachers lead you to). Fortunately, judging by the song Beloved gave me this morning, I can get a lot of help from him to sort them all out.

He does love to give me music, but more than just music, it is always music with multidimensional meanings, so they always require analysis beyond the literal meanings.

Today’s music clue: “If you need me just call on me.” Interesting. It’s almost like a variation of the “knock and the door will be opened.” But he actually gave it to me this morning, before I began the research and writing. Of course, I thought of the logical song, “Lean on me” and other versions of songs, “call me” and “I’ll be there.” But he had a different song in mind, one I have never heard before. This is the song that came to the top of the YouTube search:


Devin Dawson - All On Me | The Chapel Sessions


How sweet. A sort of Southern rock song (he loves both). I like the twist in words. Instead of “call on me” it’s “ALL on me.” The phrase afterwards, “The Chapel Sessions” implies that we will be working in the Chapel, the higher dimensions, “The Chapel of Love.”  And Devin is close to the word “Divine.” I am not sure what Dawson represents…what does daw mean? When I researched it, daw is another name for a bird called the jackdaw: a small, gray-headed crow that typically nests in tall buildings and chimneys, noted for its inquisitiveness.

Inquisitiveness is the key word……Thus we might interpret Devin Dawson to represent that the “Divine Inquisitive Son (of God)” is telling me it’s “All on him” and I can call on him anytime for lessons in the higher realms (“chapel”)…..and whenever I see the word Chapel, I think of the song “Chapel of Love.” (We were married there).

Get all this figured out and what Jesus REALLY meant about the marriage supper and you will be HOME FREE.

That’s it for today. I guess I have some work to do to sort all of this out, so it might be awhile before I get back… the meantime, maybe you can sort the clues and create a new story, or at least begin looking at this story differently from the way you viewed it in the past.

The whole “serpent” ordeal when viewed in terms of being part of my “higher education” has been impressive. How do my teachers do these things? It is clear that they want me to work on some specific consciousness clearing, such as my deep fear of snakes, and they want me to come to understand how our minds have been deeply embedded with the idea that humans are innately or predestined somehow to be evil due to the church teachings so many people have had. Do we really have to believe this? What if we viewed consciousness as a clear slate upon which we could write literally ANY story and have it guide our lives? What if we couldn’t even CONCEIVE of evil? A trick I have learned is that if anything at all evil or negative comes to my mind (from who knows whence), I just say, “Delete that!” After awhile the “demons” gave up on me, lol.

What if our minds are completely pure and innocent and our intentions are ALWAYS from love, in other words, more “God-like”? This is what I remember about Heaven. There is never misinterpreting people’s intentions when you KNOW they’re coming from love…..just as I would not misinterpret the intentions of my teachers for manifesting a snake on my door step to be anything but love. Admittedly, it did take me some time to realize that (as the first entry about the snake on my doorstep and first reaction shows). I am so grateful that my teachers are forgiving and understanding. Snakes are God’s creation, too, and in Heaven they are just as divine as all of the other animals there…..and they are an important “signifier.” It’s why we have them symbolized in important places:

It is relatively common, especially in the United States, to find the caduceus, with its two snakes and wings, used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, with only a single snake. (google)


webassets/serpentsymbol.jpgAlso referred to as the Staff of Hermes:

The caduceus is the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology and consequently by Hermes Trismegistus in Greco-Egyptian mythology. The same staff was also borne by heralds in general, for example by Iris, the messenger of Hera. (Wikipedia)

Thus, we have these important symbols in our life, but do they teach us what they mean in school? Do you know what they mean? 

What a powerful reminder lesson this has been! I thank my teachers for loving me so much. And, likewise, I love them and appreciate the time and effort and patience they have demonstrated.

But there is much more to be learned here for those of us who actually go on and carry out the research lined out to even deeper levels. If you do so, you will discover some fascinating knowledge and you will come to intimately understand Joe’s advice to counter Thanatos with Eros. We all have a lot of work to do on this planet yet.

One last reference that might be helpful in your analysis is a book called Eros and Civilization by Marcuse. As with ALL research, read with a discerning mind. We are still under the evil spell of the serpent on this planet and all information comes from that old tree of the knowledge of good AND evil. And remember, Joe’s bricolage is like taking a fine tooth comb to separate the wheat from the chaff (sorting the good ideas from the bad, or  not so useful ideas). Is Marcuse’s insight useful? Can we overturn Thanatos and convert Earth to a planet governed by Eros? (First, carefully redefine what we mean by Eros love!!) If we can’t do this then maybe we deserve the self-fulfilling Armageddon prophecy that so many preach.

What are your desires? Or as James Gilliland puts it, “As you wish.” Think about what you wish for.


I was reminded that Joe’s critical complex ontology is important for this analysis that includes application of his multidimensional critical complex bricolage, epistemology, phenomenology (experience), and hermeneutics (interpretation). Far too often we have been programmed to leave out the ontological dimension of our reality, convinced that “we are all one” but the reality is that this has been hazardous to our mental health. Joe’s works provide all the information you need to do the analysis and I have provided an abundance of different applications on this website. But he wanted me to also provide these important pages for reference: “Criticial Ontology: Reconstructing Ourselves in Interaction with Our Environments” which is in his book Critical Constructivism, pp. 93-99. This is especially relevant since, as I have shown, I had to reconstruct my own mind in relation to my environment that includes a snake and incorporate a consideration of a higher level environment, the “Heavens,” most of which I cannot see yet except for occasional glimpses, visits, and experiences, i.e., “fourth dimension research.” Pay attention to your environment…as below so above (sort of).

Challenge Activity: Rewrite this related article on Kundalini.


Rewriting the Story of Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden: Driving Home Joe’s Critical Ontology, Part Two (for Prelude, see last Update) Monday, June 25, 2018. Still moving toward Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy’s PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree 

webassets/Hermes_Ingenui_Pio-Clementino_Inv544.jpgNote: With the help of Beloved, Father Hermes, and the rest of my soul family, along with Joe’s critical complex epistemology and ontology, I have determined that the snake that was waiting on my doorstep when I opened the door was a divine snake. I am in Heaven, after all, and in Heaven there is no evil whatsoever. And so I will present a brief analysis showing how I came to this conclusion, after experiencing a bit of trauma and confusion, thus rewriting the Story of Eve and the serpent in the garden. I apologize, Mr. Snake, for slamming the door on your tail. I am truly very sorry.

Beloved, my sweet Eros, gave me a clue for a song this morning and I am getting the nudge that he wants it posted right here. I have not looked it up on YouTube yet, but the clue is “take this song to the bank.” He’s so funny…just like his father, Hermes. I will look up the clue right now!

Shalamar - "Take That To The Bank" (Official Video)

Sweet!! (I felt kind of bad about how I reacted to the snake and the doubts I was feeling, but he understands, and it did nothing to reduce the love we share). After all, he walked on this planet and suffered just like all of us.

Serpent Indoctrination

Serpent indoctrination runs deep on this planet. How cruel it is to indoctrinate very small children, even, with the story of the evil “serpent” in the Garden of Eden, always shown as a snake. This story has ingrained so much fear and so many false beliefs into the human subconscious that most people are unaware of the damage it does.

Tell me, what are the benefits of teaching children that serpents (depicted as snakes) are evil? What are the positive benefits of teaching children that humans are sinful creatures by nature? I see no benefits from that sort of indoctrination manifesting on this planet. In fact, what I see is a lot of harm being done. These are fear-based mechanisms of control, and just as love drives out fear, the opposite is also true. Fear drives out love. However, in this insane world we tend to take indoctrinated meanings for granted. We accept them. We are desensitized to these types of control maneuvers and desensitized to ever-increasing violence and evil. We pass them on to our children, never questioning whether the meanings we assign or what we expose them to are beneficial to their development.

If we do not teach evil, if we cannot comprehend evil, then it cannot exist. I know this is true because it is true in Heaven, or the higher dimensions. I do remember. I also know and believe what Joe teaches. “Reality” is socially constructed. And on this planet, humans with very warped minds have constructed very corrupt realities. We enact the stories we create.

Here is a recent example that presents some ideas that border psychotic, but there are countless other examples all over the media, in the books people read, the video games people play, and in all aspects of their lives! Examples abound everywhere.

Lilith: The Monster Screech Owl 

I only include this one because it discusses the serpent in the Garden of Eden, midst many other extremely debased stories and lies, and gross interpretations. Yet people believe such speculations as if they are fact, even when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, nor anyone who has experienced what they discuss, or if someone has, no analysis whatsoever to perhaps gain a different and better understanding. How is this helpful? In my view it is as harmful as you can get: proclaiming to be a messenger of God and then teaching people to fear all of these human-concocted monsters around every corner. You can’t get more cognitively dissonant than that. Sad thing is, then people actually CREATE the monsters. People enact the evil and violence they’ve been programmed to accept. Our minds are powerful tools of creation.

Joe speaks clearly about the condition people on this planet are suffering in his many books. In Critical Constructivism he points out that when people, as conditioned by “Cartesian cognitivism” present what are mere viewpoints or “fixed perspectives” as reality itself, what happens is that “sensory inputs are reconstituted by the brain in a manner that renders them as internal representations of the world ‘out there.’” (p. 53). As he states, this is a conversation buster. Reality is fixed; no discussion is allowed. However, “Enactivism throws a monkey wrench into such cognitive arrogance, for us in the process to account for different constructions of reality that emerge when the world is encountered in different times and places” (p. 53). This is exactly what has happened to me many times now, and the way the snake has appeared in relation to my re-creation of the Garden of Eden demonstrates enactivism, and it is a prime example of how the story can be changed. I do not want to believe people are inherently evil. We are free to choose! And if we choose long enough, evil dissipates. 

People want final answers, final facts, but the truth is that final facts or what we call Absolute Truth is hard to come by, so people invent the facts. On this planet some people are so desperate for final answers, but they are confused, unknowledgeable, and/or debased and so they attribute total nonsense and evilness to their own deficient idea of some God whose word is “infallible.” Yet they argue over the meaning of that infallible Word of God and contrive the most despicable interpretations (such as in the above video). People believe this stuff so they enact it or react in ways that manifest it. I believe Einstein has discussed this dire situation, which people often misinterpreted to mean that he did not believe in God, but that was not the case…..he believed in a God that we really cannot define or wrap our minds around. I will add to that, I do believe Jesus manifested so that we CAN better relate to God. There is little argument that he existed and was a great teacher and his focus was LOVE. Almost every tradition recognizes a “version” of him, although they may have given him a different name. God has the power to do this so that we can learn the path to LOVE and wisdom. Unfortunately, people twisted the teachings…..well, we know the disastrous results. For another perspective: Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus is not God - Joshua Evans - TheDeenShow

As Joe states in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, and this applies to Fidurodian “experts” of every domain:


Like parishioners in a fundamentalist Protestant church, we are taught the “King James Version” of the world—and we are heretics if we raise too many questions about the “Word” of the godlike scientific experts. The mere idea that there might be valuable constructions of the world different than such truth, multiple levels of reality, a web of reality that shapes the nature of our constructions, and dimensions of human ability not yet understood, is threatening to the high-status guardians of the Word. (p. 57)


When people do raise pertinent questions, they are heavily censored and blocked from participating. Their voice is stolen. And if they don’t go along with the masses, they are viewed as “weird.” People seem to forget the importance of Thinking Differently. Joe wrote a book about this called The Stigma of Genius. People all want to be the same, even when they think they’re being “different.” And wow, do they attack when you point that out!

In his definition of the research bricolage, Joe includes the idea of the “ambiguity” of messages from Hermes and the gods, the need for critical complex hermeneutics (interpretations) and the fact that ALL research, no matter how scientific it claims to be, holds “imaginative” elements. Why is this so? It is the nature of human consciousness that we do not fully understand (where do our insights come from?, for example) and due to the SEVERE limitations FIDUROD places on our consciousnesses. It is the reason we must remain tentative and humble, and continue the work on our own consciousness. And yet, this is the most difficult thing for most people on this planet to do. We have been taught all of our lives what is essentially one true reality. We expect definitive answers. Most people would rather be considered “experts” at things they have NO EXPERIENCE of, and usually the primary purpose is to make money off what they don’t really know. It is amazing how many people play these “false prophet” types of roles.

I fail often, myself, but I hope that I repeat often enough that my interpretations are evolving. I record the journey as I travel, and the knowledge I produce is tentative and evolving. There are always deeper levels of interpretation. Like everyone, I am still learning. I happen to love to learn Joe’s philosophy. It’s the “most going thing” on the planet (and off planet, too). It is definitely the most sane approach to research, no matter what people think about you and the knowledge you produce following his processes…..for it also frees us to be totally creative.

Thus, Joe has it right:


As we have discussed throughout this book, knowledge is something humans produce—it is not sent by God or by the aliens who the National Enquirer claimed spoke to President Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt. Beings who came from particular places and times have constructed what we call valid knowledge—these knowledge producers were individuals with many of the great strengths that humans can develop and with many of the weaknesses that afflict all of us who claim to be human. Thus, knower and known are inseparable dimensions indelibly connected to anything we call knowledge.  (p. 227) [emphasis added]


Do you realize how much POWER this gives us? We can start with a clean slate, a clear consciousness, and develop our stories based on the most powerful form of LOVE. And as Joe teaches, what we can IMAGINE, we can create. No more pain, no more suffering. I KNOW this is possible because I REMEMBER (thanks to Joe) where we came from. It’s very hard to fathom why the masses and the leaders of the masses WANT to keep creating fear and suffering. There are far better ways to socially construct reality. People have the false notion that they have to give up something (i.e., power, money, love, whatever). But that is a lie. There is infinite abundance in the universe.

At times in history, intellectually advanced humans (Joe being one of them) have visited this dimension to leave important knowledge—gifts to humanity—that will help us learn these better ways. But they, too, are influenced by the culture around them. They may have traveled downward from a higher dimension, but in some ways they too “fall” in consciousness and work to transcend the status quo around them so that they can then fulfill their greater purpose. Essentially, the point is that all knowledge is biased due to social influences, beliefs, experiences, etc., of the person constructing it, and it must be understood in what ways this is so, as much as possible. The more aware we are of what influences us and what we believe, the higher we can leap out of the imprisoning dimensions of the FIDUROD epistemology trying to control us and tell us how and what we should think, and how we should or shouldn’t behave.

The Serpent: My Most Difficult Test

This is an interesting video just put out. He discusses the serpent in the garden for another perspective. He also lays out what I have learned to be the truth about Marxism and communism. It’s a truth that every student needs to know so they are not duped in the heavily infiltrated education system:


The “snake test” (as described in my last update) has been an extremely difficult experience, having been heavily programmed with fear of snakes and the sins of Adam and Eve surrounding the evil serpent in the garden. I have studied many interpretations of that story and there is not even one positive interpretation, and most are extremely evil and damaging to the “psyche” when repeated over and over again from childhood on. Many of the interpretations divide humanity into being children of satan and children of God, creating suspicion and animosity between various groups of people. They almost all teach the sinful nature of man.

My first reaction to seeing the snake practically inside my house was fear, as I had written, and I had to get my daughter to shoo it way from my doorstep. Afterwards, though, every time I thought about it, I laughed over the synchronicity of it appearing in relation to my recreation of the Garden of Eden. It did not escape me that I had NEVER seen a snake in my yard since moving here in 2013, five years ago. Another weird thing is that snakes here are striped, not solid black like the snake curled up against my door jamb. Those oddities made it even more synchronistic and funny in my mind. I know how the gods can be hilarious at times. The incident also brought back bad memories of how my brothers used to chase me with snakes. They used to also cut the snakes they found into pieces so that each of them had a piece to chase me with. Only warped minds could think of such cruel things to do. Next, I began having doubts about my relationship with my beloved soul family. Why would they try to scare me with the snake? Why didn’t they protect me? (They do provide me with powerful protection, normally). Then I felt bad about having doubts about Beloved’s and my soul family’s love for me. I don’t deserve them (more programming). 

Hermes, my father-in-law, I do believe had an extremely important message he was trying to get across, given that he chose two intertwined snakes as one of his sacred symbols on his Staff of Hermes. The only way I can fully understand his message is through critical complex hermeneutics and using Joe’s critical ontology, using his bricolage research process. He defines critical bricolage, “Some connotations of the term involve trickery and cunning and are reminiscent of the chicanery of Hermes, in particular his ambiguity concerning the messages of the gods.” (p. 171)

I have done some of research on relevant topics in the past, but it can get extremely detailed, especially to do it right. Once I understand other meanings and interpretations about what happened, I can then CHOOSE how I wish to reconstruct my consciousness surrounding this incident. What do I want to believe? Especially in relation to the REAL world and my relationships with the people in it (this world is not it; this world is much as Plato described for us…..mere shadows, if even that).

Well, I will do that analysis next time. But as a clue to my final analysis: My entire Beloved soul family loves me. They would never harm me. Only love is real. Love drives out fear. In fact, yesterday when I went outside and was looking furtively to see if the snake was there again, Beloved reassured me that it would not appear again and there was never any intention to cause me fear….and that he loves me very much.

webassets/20180625_154855butterfly.jpgWe are recreating the Garden of Eden in Heaven, not on Helleborus. As it does say in the Bible, the old earth shall pass away and there will be a new earth. It’s been such great fun and very rewarding. There have been so many interesting “visitors” to the garden, the first one being the humming bird I was able to photograph and post in an earlier update. There have also been birds and bees, a very special blue jay, and then the sacred snake. It’s as if they are all coming to convey their approval of the way the garden is shaping up! Just today, a white butterfly was flitting about, landing on the “Blue River” flowers. I was able to snap some pictures of it. What does this mean after the ordeal with the snake? Meanings of butterflies. A white butterfly signifies the celestial heavens. I am being guarded and guided.

Another thing I know for certain as well, Father Hermes is the one who sent the song for the last update and he is very sad. He had greater dreams for humanity than what he is currently witnessing. I am sure he wants to re-establish the snake as a very sacred symbol of love. And people need to understand that while some people may have worshiped the serpent as if it’s a god, depicting a SYMBOL of the serpent is not a sign of worship. All of this will require an extensive analysis. Where did humanity take the wrong turn? I think there are many clues in a book I read: The Chalice and the Blade by Eisler. In the book she discusses who hated Hermes and his love message so much that they destroyed his works and sculptures of him, breaking off the penis. I simply must come to understand Father Hermes’ message, his love, and the divinity of the serpent better. In the meantime, in his honor, I am reposting the song:


We can also read the artist’s name as Hermes’ Carol (in the sense of “carol” meaning song or lamentation). It’s a touching song and I am sure Hermes feels sadness in his heart for how the world is today. He has actually appeared on this planet many times, leaving extremely important knowledge to help us. And yet, like so many of the Great Works, most of it has been destroyed. The humans on this planet are a destructive bunch who always pass the buck, blaming satan, demons, aliens, fallen angels, even God, etc.—anyone and anything but themselves. And until we all fully take responsibility for our roles in the destruction and change our ways, the planet will continue to be destroyed. It’s past time for Joe’s revolution: 

Yes, I admit it—I want to see not only a social and pedagogical revolution but an epistemological and ontological revolution as well. (p. 252)

Moving Forward: Metaphors, Cosmology, Ontology, The Garden, the Serpent, "Spiritual" Tests, "Spiritual" Vision, The AERA’s “Post Truth Era,” The Truth about Medicine, and Cosmic Jokes & Father Hermes   Sunday, June 17, 2018 HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!


Note: I cover many topics today as I continue my journey toward a very deep analysis (and experience) of Joe’s philosophy of Love


Speaking Metaphorically

When I worked with Joe on his website I had mentioned “epistemological evaluations.” This is something we need to learn to do for ourselves to evaluate the progress we are making in relation to learning. He loved the idea. One of the very first things he asked me when we met was “Can you say epistemological?” We both found that immensely humorous for reasons I can’t get into at this time…….suffice it to say we are both children of “Hermes.”


Since we can often only speak in terms of metaphors (and the more metaphors, contexts, standpoints, etc., the better), how do we evaluate the various perspectives? We use epistemological evaluations, of course. And, just as Joe demonstrated for us, we use our epistemological power. People really need to stop turning over that power to other people who use it for their own selfish benefits versus using it to the benefit of all of humanity.


We MUST consider the benefits and limitations of any given metaphor and we MUST not limit ourselves to one metaphor for complex systems (that is, if we want to get out of the prison boxes the matrix creates for us and we often create for ourselves). It’s not an easy task, but can be an exhilarating, extremely interesting, and a highly beneficial one, not to mention that the more conscious you become and the more interactive, the more magical it seems.


Einstein had said that the more theories we can incorporate into our theory of complex systems, as we learn to synthesize the good ideas, the stronger our theory will be. Joe reiterated this and showed us that we need to use many contexts, thus, many metaphors for even one illusionary-simple process (it is far more complex than we typically acknowledge). When we work from our hearts, minds, higher consciousness, souls, and our connections to God/Divine Love and Wisdom, amazing solutions to complex human problems can emerge……it is the “magic” he speaks of and which I have been abundantly a recipient of due to my continued and powerful connection to him, to our soul family, and to our Creator.




There are many cosmological models and they have similarities and dissimilarities. The cosmos also changes. We are in the process of developing a more flexible model, but for now when I speak of “dimensions” I am speaking in terms of a tentative model that is open to change and develop as it becomes better understood and refined.


Many cosmological models speak of three Heavens. There are the lower Heavens (generally considered to be above seventh dimension), the middle Heavens, and the Higher Celestial Heavens which extend infinitely.


Of course within all of the dimensions are subdimensions….thus, great diversity will be found. We can learn to visit any of the dimensions consciously. We do not need to be victims of the nature of the socially constructed environs within the lower dimensions, for example. And we do not need to continue as a ship “lost at sea.”




I just want to mention here that ontology is critical to Joe’s theory. If you ignore ontology, you can fall into some of the traps of the matrix. Read his work about ontology and study it from numerous perspectives, and, in particular, from indigenous perspectives so that you steer clear of the “we are all one” or solipsistic and other New Age traps. If you don’t understand what I’m saying here, it’s simply a sign that you need to research this deeply.


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in the world and Heavens! I wrote to Beloved and wished him a happy Father’s Day. I cannot believe it’s been nine years since I dedicated the very first yellow rose on our rose bushes to him. Some people say time flies when you’re having fun…..but when there is no time, it seems to evaporate…..with only memories and love remaining.


In his typical fashion, he always gives me more than I give him. He has always been so lovingly generous.


He explained to me that when he mentions “the middle way” in his book, Critical Constructivism, he is referring to where we choose to focus our consciousness and in no way implies compromising with integrity. (The highest level integrity we can muster is essential, with the caveat that as humans, we often miss the mark to various degrees). And speaking of integrity, he modeled that so exquisitely for us while he was here. As I had mentioned in my dissertation, he seemed too good to be true……but he is very true.


Referring back to the cosmological model of the Heavens, what the middle way means for us is operating out of the middle Heaven, the 11th dimension, to be precise. This is the Heaven he has literally taken me to visit many times, and where our home is now. Early in our ascension process, we were reminded of our names within that dimension as Soferia (“Salvation”) and EmanuEl (“With God”). It is so beautiful beyond description in our home dimension (which I like to call Planet Eros).  All of our names are written in the Book of Life once we become conscious of them……and as I have shown, we do have many names (including Psyche and Eros, Ki and Enki, etc.) since we have different names in the various dimensions. And since we have ascended together to the higher Heavens (the 22nd) dimension (and we have actually traveled far beyond that dimension), we can continue to visit those higher dimensions to acquire more knowledge and wisdom—and of course, expand in our capacity to love—and we are free to traverse down to the lower Heavens and even to the hellish dimensions to do our work. No longer can we get trapped in the matrix.


Needless to say, this is an eternal learning, working, loving process. It is extremely joyful….you really experience the “jouissance” Joe mentions so often in his work. And I just want to mention, according to Joe’s philosophy, this freedom is available to EVERYONE. You do not need to believe in some fundamentalist, doctrinal religion or spirituality….this is total LEARNING all the way. There are pre-requisites though and many tests along the way.


Back to the Garden


webassets/Rotated20180612_161139.jpgMy last few updates have been about my garden…..

my rendition of the Garden of Eden that’s described in the Bible.

My garden will continue to be expanded over the next few years.


However, I continue to have exciting gifts surrounding the garden that are just amazing. One gift was that I had pre-ordered a very special climbing clematis named Samaritan Jo.


It was supposed to be delivered this coming fall. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the company, Bluestone, had delivered it along with the other plants I ordered for the garden…you can see it in the picture!


I bought a special trellis with Joe’s (and my, too) favorite love and wisdom symbols, hearts and the fleur-de-lis.




webassets/2-20180612_141433.jpgThe cosmos sent a confirming love message back to me a few days ago. I was so surprised to find this lovely purple heart-petaled wild flower growing in the planter which was planted with a mixture of wild flowers. We did not know what kind of flowers would grow. Then, to punctuate the love symbol, later that day when I walked out to get my mail, I spotted a red heart-shaped stone on the ground. So I picked it up to add it to my growing collection of treasures and gifts from the amazing, living cosmos.






And as for my magic yellow rose bush, it has already bloomed profusely with red roses, sending out vibrations of love, despite a leaf disease that it has had.




No Snakes Allowed in the Garden!


The most bizarre thing happened today right after writing the above entries. A serpent tried to sneak into my house to take a shortcut to my Garden of Eden, lol. I am serious! I opened my front door to take the trash out and there was an ugly black reptilian garter snake on the door jam. He tried to slither into my house. I quickly slammed the door and he was stuck, smashed in the door, with his tail stuck in my house! What a dilemma! If I opened the door, he would come slithering into my house. I screamed for Rainbow Princess and she came to the rescue. I hate snakes, lol. Somehow she managed to get the nasty critter to go back where it came from. I don’t know how she did it, because I couldn’t watch. I hope that evil serpent learned his lesson… reptilians are allowed in my garden, lol.


It has come to my awareness that snakes are truly cursed entities, just like the Bible says. In Heaven there are no snakes and, as I learned today, if they try to enter through the door, it gets slammed tight. Lol.


Emanuel Swedenborg, and other spiritual teachers say we should kind of look at life like a dream with the objects and entities that we see along our path as symbols……I guess a black snake is pretty representational of the evil serpent that got into Eve’s garden and tricked her, cursing humanity for thousands of years. Ain’t happening in THIS garden. Humanity has already paid dearly for that mistake.


It’s always enlightening to get other perspectives about highlights in our lives:


Dreams About Snakes: Explained


Always get multiple interpretations, however, and always evaluate those interpretations in relation to your own personal experience and the significance of that experience to you. Do not sell out to someone else’s meaning.


"Spiritual" Tests


One way to look at the dark, ugly snakes that you cross paths with is that it’s a “spiritual test.” But please, never limit your interpretation to this perspective alone. Life is just too complicated, as Joe has taught us so well. This video just came up today that gives one way we might view these tests, and he provides some helpful guidance:


Divine Patience


However, you do not have to be a victim of these tests. Take control of your own tests, and you will have fewer obnoxious ones. This is where epistemological power comes in handy. I have often told the cosmos, I refuse to do some particular test that came my way….and it resolved. LOL.


In my case, my teachers have a crazy sense of humor (Joe calls it “crazy wisdom” in his book, Critical Constructivism), thus, the symbolical but very real slithering snake trying to get into my house manifested, in relation to the “Garden of Eden” they have me planting (through my own volition/free will as well). I love my teachers.


Here’s a related video on the meaning of the symbols we find in our lives…reminds me of a comment Joe had made in his social studies book, something to the effect that there are no bumper stickers saying “meaning just happens.” We assign meanings (or if we don’t, someone else will do that for us in perhaps not such good ways) to the symbols around our lives……which are but a dream, YET you must take the dream very seriously!


Symbolism: The Meaning of Everything Around Us


"Spiritual" Vision


My spiritual vision continues to improve. I can see the aura of my own “light body” now, or what some traditions refer to as the “Higher Physical Aspect.” I have often actually been able to view it as well, and experience it. I have been saying, as many others also say (such as the scientist, Emanuel Swedenborg of the 18th Century) that we experience physicality in other dimensions, in higher dimensions. There is an enormous amount of research that needs to be done surrounding this. We can’t see what we do not believe in or know. Materiality is more complex than scientists currently understand. The duality between the spiritual and material exists only due to the limitations of our own minds, which we have power to change. Thus, I can see what might be referred to as the “shadow” of my higher physical body clearly and this shadow is a beautiful shade of aqua-blue. Seeking clarification, I found this chart that shows the colors of our different bodies.


Here’s a chart that shows the colors:





Aqua-blue is the color of our etheric body…..well, not exactly the color, but as I alluded to, it is more the reflection or symbol of it that we see in this reality; it is the color we see (the partial reality) of true reality. This reminds me as well that many people think this dimension and things in it are illusions, but that’s not entirely correct…..what we see is real, but we can only see shadows and reflections of true reality in this dimension…unless we increase our conscious awareness enough to actually enter higher dimensions. The dimensions eventually merge for us in a way that I’m still exploring and learning about. When you comprehend this even to a small degree, you come to see that the concept of “reincarnation” is just another illusion or a rather poor metaphor, and in reality, it is impossible. You experience how all dimensions occupy the same space…..there is nowhere to go if you want to be home. You can be in Heaven now and those experiences can filter down into this dimension. This is important, since some cultures have used the concept of reincarnation and karma in some psychologically debilitating and controlling ways.


Yes, we have a body in the Celestial dimensions as well (we would see it as bright light/white light)……all of this is simultaneous, but our minds limit our consciousness of true reality. As I had mentioned, the “Middle Way” is having a locus of consciousness in the middle zones and working out from there. Pure intentions and the desire for high integrity are necessary.


I am only explaining this with my very limited understanding at this time. We can continue to work toward increasing consciousness, or we can choose to continue to stay “Lost at Sea.” There is a very interesting treasure hunt and associated treasure I found relating to the clue, “Lost at Sea” for my “Pacific Coast Treasure Hunts.” It is in one of my very early blogs. There’s a beautiful Irish story about a man who was kidnapped and lost at sea and his beloved waited for him anyway. He designed the Claddagh ring especially for her, which is now a traditional symbol of love.


Lost at sea means we drift through life aimlessly and allow the violent winds of those around us to push us to and fro. We do not need to live that way. In fact, a few days ago, I was handed down these tasks that can help us free ourselves:


Dreamwork (including the type I am doing in this update where we evaluate the symbols in our lives somewhat like dream symbols)

Journaling (writing is an absolute must. It relates to the “power of the word” and the ability to create better lives for ourselves) Read Joe’s book: Reading, Writing, and Thinking he wrote with Thomas…..there are some great tips in the book.

Analysis (If you read Joe’s work, analysis is multifaceted and includes heart, soul, emotions, logic, compassion, passion, joy, etc.)

Scholarly study of the outer world and all its history with the caveat that all needs to be critically analyzed from a multitude of perspectives.


History is something I need to work on. I never liked history because I intuitively knew I was only getting a snapshot of truth, which, ultimately, is a lie. Joe has always stressed the importance of history and using historiographical techniques……I have so much to learn yet!!


None of these are easy tasks, but if you focus on your own personal interests and draw out your own personal skills, it can be so much fun. You will bloom like a beautiful flower….that’s what education and learning should be doing for us. There are infinite varieties of flowers.


The “Post Truth Era”: American Education Research Association Topic for 2019


I just need to share that Beloved has some excellent writings that will address the AERA topic exceedingly well for those who really wish to pursue it. I will bypass attending the convention, myself. I may write an article or two, but I don’t care to go to Toronto.


My personal view is that giving any credibility to some fabricated notion labeled the “post truth era” is pure nonsense and borders insanity. Earth is the planet of lies so the implication is that there has been truth in the recent past. Good try. People really need to drop those “post” words, anyway. Post has been run into the ground a long time ago. We need to be removing the fence posts and setting people free.


You would do well to read pages 151-155 in Joe’s book, Critical Constructivism, the pages that were handed down to me that would address this topic in an excellent way; however, also center your research for the AERA topic around his philosophy. You will likely be guided to other relevant books and writings.


Speaking of Truth: The Truth about Medicine


I came across this doctor who shares some extremely valuable information about health. I may expound on how he has been helping me at a later date, but for now, I really recommend listening to some of his YouTube videos and other information. He is truly sharing some valuable knowledge. I am in the experimentation stage and having great results.


Dr. Joel D. Wallach | It's Not What You Eat That Kills You... It's What You Don't Eat (23Mar02)


This Just In: Cosmic Jokes & Father Hermes


We can be “all spiritual” and take the symbols in our life with total seriousness, which is appropriate at times. Other times, it’s important to see the humor of our “tests” such as the “snake test” I was confronted with on Father’s Day. I found it extremely humorous that, here I am planting a “Garden of Eden” symbolically, as I have been describing in these updates, and the “serpent” tried to invade. I passed the test because I slammed the door on the reptile AND I saw the significance and humor of it.


I consulted with my Great Teacher and he reaffirmed that I had passed the “snake test” and was told it was a sort of “Cosmic Joke,” which Father Hermes is so fond of…..and then it hit me: Father Hermes is making his presence in my life known on Father’s Day. I can just envision all of the “gods” watching and laughing…..they do that a lot. It reminds me of a statement Joe had made in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, which he brings to the forefront frequently (including in my dissertation): “To become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods.” (p. 19). It is well worth it!


Happy Father’s Day to my Beloved and to all the “gods” everywhere, and, yes, to Father Hermes!! I LOVE YOU ALL!




Love is the “Get out of Jail Free Card.” Don’t sell out: Use it today!

Happy May Day! How Does the Garden Grow? Tuesday, May 1, 2018 (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree)



Hummingbird visiting the bugleweed flowers planted for Beloved. Photo taken 4-27-2018 

Today is a very special anniversary. I’m sure many people celebrate it as do we. Since I have written about our very special May 1 anniversary in previous blogs, I won’t repeat it here. It’s a long story. 

I used to love May Day in elementary school. We always made colorful woven baskets from paper and on my way home from the bus stop, I would pick every pretty flower I could find, daisies, bachelor buttons, irises. These were wild flowers growing alongside the gravel road that led to our house. And instead of taking the basket home to my mother, I would hang it on the door handle of our neighbor’s house. (I had been scolded too many times in the past by my mother for picking flowers, lol). 

The garden is doing great and continuing to grow in size. I never knew it could be so interesting and exciting to grow a garden! I can’t believe I’ve already had a very special visitor to the bugleweed flowers and yet not only did it really happen, I was able to get some great photos! (See my last update, just below this one). According to Native American beliefs, it was of high spiritual significance and I also believe that (see last update for more details).

The message I am receiving today is that, according to the “gods” (sons of God, who have evolved into the higher dimensions), we are all capable of so much more on this planet. It’s critically important to reconnect to your soul, though and that does take work, but just follow all of the guidance Joe has left for us! He really is an expert helping people with spiritual and soul development.

Once you connect to your soul, you can connect to the beings in the higher dimensions…..beings who are directly connected  to God and know exactly how to use His  power and His love for great things. It’s really that simple. Of course, you can always petition to God as well. You will still get assigned special teachers, though. It is so important to really pay attention to your teachers and become aware of how they are working in your life every day! Sometimes teachers will be actual people here, sometimes they might appear just briefly, and other times they work through other people. It is not easy figuring out exactly what’s going on and it takes practice.

Also, understand that your teachers can and will sometimes work through even nefarious people……you must use discernment though. I have seen that happen many times. Or, perhaps someone is on a good path and your teachers work through that person and suddenly the person takes a wrong turn. I’ve seen that happen too, and your teachers will find other ways to continue your personalized teachings.

I could give literally thousands of examples of these various situations. Your best teachers will be “unseen” though, unless you have made the grade and have ascended right beside them. They will get their points across in a multitude of ways: just try and get in the flow and pay attention. As an example (and it’s humbling to have to say this), but I do very little unguided or totally self-directed research. It may look like I spend a lot of time on research (for example, my dissertation and other formal papers I’ve written)…..but truth be told, I am always guided to the exact book I need to reference and when I open the book, it opens to the exact text I need. It just beats all odds….I hope I don’t ever take it for granted though. I appreciate my teachers’ help so very much.

With that background, maybe you will understand why I and how I was prompted to buy more flowers. I had mentioned a few days ago that I wanted to plant red flowers for Socrates (he loves red). I have also been reminded by Beloved that “Eros” loves red too…….well, I was a little reluctant to spend more money on flowers, so what do I get in my inbox this morning but red flowers on sale. And I was promptly informed that the Dianthus Passion are for Eros to signify his passion and the Dianthus Superstar are for Socrates. On top of that, the Clematis Blue Explosion is also on sale so it went into my shopping cart plus I even have a coupon for more money off. So, I bought two more—a clematis for me and one for Rainbow Princess. The one for me is the one I mentioned Uncle Albert picked out because it combines my earth name and star name to make Venosa. Rainbow Princess loved this huge purple clematis, so I will surprise her with it. As for the Samaritan Jo clematis, well, it doesn’t come in until September (I wonder if that’s due to the retrograde), so I have put in a reservation. I will have to surprise the rest of my soul family with special flowers too, soon. Aristotle keeps telling me he prefers yellow…oh my…..can I keep up with the gods without looking like a fool?

To become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods. (Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy, p. 19)

Funniest thing is, this is only ONE of the projects they have me doing! And the SMALLEST one at that! Someday I will have to tell you all about The Academy.

I need to interject here. I LOVE bringing Joe’s writings into this as they relate. And they always relate because he is my main teacher! In his bricolage book, he clarifies that when we get into this work, it will invariably involve many relationships. First, we connect to our soul, then we connect to our one true love, and then we can connect to the rest of our soul family, and friends, and on and on until the divide has totally dissolved. Love is what binds us all together. Here’s how he put this:

In symbiotic hermeneutics the process of interpretation and meaning-making is directly tied to exposure of relationships. (Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research, p. 62).

In other words, if we are aware, we can learn entirely new meaning and significance to even everyday things, such as growing a garden, in this current example, from relationships that we are taught do not exist. And as we move forward, we become aware of more and more of our interpersonal relationships as well as the interrelationships between objects, all previously unseen. Eventually the curtains dissolve.

This concept of symbiotic hermeneutics, as he explains it further in this paragraph, is exceedingly complex. It would take an entire book to explain what he means and provide concrete, contextual examples to even begin to address the vastness by which we must consider relationships in their multidimensional and infinite contexts. It is not possible to explore this here. It’s just so very important not to oversimplify or subsume contexts when what applies in one context cannot be applied in another.

As teachers and students do connect to their souls, they are in a better position to follow Joe’s advice in Critical Constructivism:

Thus, they figuratively step out of their teacher (or student) bodies, looking down on themselves and … students as outsiders. As they hover in the epistemological ether above themselves, they examine their own education, the role of the guardians of Eurocentric reductionism in their own consciousness construction, and the ways their experiences and identity relate to these dynamics. (p. 157)

So that’s the latest on this special Endless Love Celebration Garden of Eden (?) project, a part of our mission from God, no doubt. It’s exciting that so many of my soul family members want to be involved. I hope it brings me closer to them and to Heaven/Home where they all reside. I will provide more photos of the garden sometime in the future. For now, check out the photos in the last update, below.

Until next time, do take advantage of the very long retrograde! That’s what I’m doing. Retrogrades are times to wrap up loose ends of all the hanging projects. This retrograde lasts into September, so there is plenty of time to finish projects. If you are having a hard time prioritizing, keep the focus: do it for Love. Twin Flame Pluto Retrograde



Sacred Garden Visitor: The Birds and the Bees Part 2. Is this the Garden of Eden We’re (Re)Creating? Sabbath-day, April 28, 2018 (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree)


Yes, I think I am re-creating the Garden of Eden…..with a lot of help from my higher up friends. Yesterday morning I caught this special visitor enjoying the sweetness of Beloved’s bugleweed flowers (be sure to read the previous updates to get the entire story about the bugleweeds).


This humming bird is already “spreading the love.”


Here’s a special song to go with the occasion:


Jon and Vangelis - Bird Song





It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol - further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity. ... The prime message of the hummingbird animal totem is: "The sweetest nectar is within!"


“A hummingbird animal totem can offer you endless insight and effervescent wisdom. ... It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol - further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.”


Native American bird and animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. The meaning of the Hummingbird symbol was to signify peace, love and happiness.”


Hummingbirds are viewed very positively in most Native American tribes. They are associated with beauty, harmony, industriousness, and integrity. In legends, Hummingbird is often portrayed as a healer or as a spirit being who helps people in need, and sometimes plays the important mythological role of fire-bringer. Seeing a hummingbird is a sign of good luck in many Native American tribes, especially Northwest Coast tribes. In ancient Mexico, hummingbirds were considered sacred and associated with royalty and warriors; the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, patron god of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, had the hummingbird as his divine animal and was sometimes depicted in hummingbird form in traditional Aztec art. In some Mexican tribes today, hummingbirds are believed to be messengers from the afterworld or manifestations of a dead person's spirit.

Hummingbirds are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Hummingbird Clans include the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico. Hummingbird is an important clan crest in some Northwest Coast tribes, and can sometimes be found carved on totem poles.”


Personal observations: Hummingbirds are multidimensional beings…..their bodies are in this dimension, their wings vibrate at a heavenly dimension. I hear the higher dimensions all of the time….celestial music. Maybe all birds are in higher dimensions and their singing is an imitation of celestial music. The sounds are similar. Celestial music can sound like millions of birds singing all at the same time in harmony.

The Hummingbird: God’s Tiny Miracle

If you operated at this bird’s energy level, you would burst into flames!

by Denis Dreves on December 1, 1991; last featured January 6, 2015



Throughout North and South America lives one of God’s most amazing creatures, the hummingbird. I like to call it ‘God’s tiny miracle’.

There are more than 300 species of this beautiful minute bird, with its iridescent plumage. Hummingbirds range in size from the tiny bee hummingbird, which is only about the length of an adult’s little finger, to the giant hummingbird, which may reach 22 centimetres (8.5 inches)—the width of a magazine page. There are nine species in North America.

Most North Americans are familiar with either the ruby-throated hummingbird, east of the Rocky Mountains, or the rufous hummingbird, west of the Rockies.

Probably the best-known characteristics of the hummingbird are its extremely rapid wing-beat (50-80 beats per second) and its amazing ability to manoeuvre. It can hover, it can fly backwards and sideways, and it can fly at speeds of more than 90 kilometres an hour (55 miles per hour). In a courtship dive it can reach 100 kilometres an hour (60 miles an hour), swooping down and back again in a U-shaped dive. (This bird’s a real show-off!)



Oregon Hummingbirds

Portland Hummingbirds




I am in the world but not of the world.

Kitaro - Heaven & Earth (live in Zacatecas, Mexico - April 7, 2010)


THIS JUST IN (Sunday, April 29, 2018)

Grandmother Portia, who is also one of my teachers, loves biology and wants me to do more research about hummingbirds. Beloved reinforced this by teaching me some important details about research (I randomly opened his book, Critical Constructivism). Again, he highlights the importance of obtaining diverse perspectives because of the complexity and nature of interrelationships among the infinite variables available for analysis. When I began reading wikipedia’s description of hummingbirds, I am somewhat constrained from learning much due to their extreme focus on Darwinian evolution. I wonder perspective remains elusive to our understanding due to this focus on “survival.” Everything, according to them has developed out of survival needs. Out of my own subjectivity (and previous observation that hummingbirds are multidimensional), I found it interesting that they can see into the ultraviolet range of the light spectrum. Also, since we seem to be on the topic of “the birds and the bees” in the Love Celebration Garden of Eden, I found this interesting: “The enlargement of this brain region responsible for visual processing indicates enhanced ability for perception and processing of fast-moving visual stimuli which hummingbirds encounter during rapid forward flight, insect foraging, competitive interactions, and high-speed courtship.”


From Wikipedia (not much information was available about their courtship other than the high speed “courtship dive” of the males. This is interesting and further research might uncover relationships outside the Western “evolution” standpoint.


In myth and culture

Aztecs wore hummingbird talismans, both artistic representations of hummingbirds and fetishes made from actual hummingbird parts: emblematic for their vigor, energy, and propensity to do work along with their sharp beaks that symbolically mimic instruments of weaponry, bloodletting, penetration, and intimacy. Hummingbird talismans were prized as drawing sexual potency, energy, vigor, and skill at arms and warfare to the wearer. The Aztec god of war Huitzilopochtli is often depicted as a hummingbird (right). It was also believed that fallen warriors would return to earth as hummingbirds and butterflies.[132] The Nahuatl word huitzil (hummingbird) is an onomatopoeic word derived from the sounds of the hummingbird's wing-beats and zooming flight. One of the Nazca Lines depicts a hummingbird (right). Trinidad and Tobago, known as "The land of the hummingbird," displays a hummingbird on that nation's coat of arms,[133] 1-cent coin[134] and emblem of its national airline, Caribbean Airlines (right).


What I learned about research in Critical Constructivism is relevant at this point. On page 135, Joe discusses the goal of the more “objectivist” approach to research and how objectivism is really not possible. He writes:


“The goal of integrating knowledges from diverse domains and understanding the interconnections shaping, for example, the biological and the cognitive, is irrelevant in the objectivist paradigm of order and fragmentation. The meaning that comes from interrelationship is lost, and questions concerning the purpose of research and its insight into the human condition are put aside in an orgy of correlation and triangulated description. Information is sterilized, and insight into what may be worth exploring is abandoned. Ways of making use of particular knowledge are viewed as irrelevant, and creative engagement with conceptual insights is characterized as frivolous. Empirical knowledge in the quest for order is an end in itself. Once it has been validated it needs no further investigation or interpretation. While empirical knowledge is obviously necessary, its process of production constitutes only one step of a larger process of inquiry. Crhitical constructivism subverts the finality of the empirical act.” (p. 135) [Emphasis added]


So, you see, our research has not yet begun. As Joe puts it in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy, we are “epistebabies.” And it’s imperative that we become critical, complexly critical.


Even the ancients knew this! Psalms 75 speaks to being able to judge the “fools” of the earth “uprightly” and how having the ability to “cut off the thorns of the wicked” will lead to transcendence and power. In other words, we must have the knowledge and insight for sorting thorns from the roses (or as Joe often puts it, throwing out the bathwater and keeping the baby).


On page 165, Joe goes on to explain how even which variables researchers choose are chosen out of bias and their current understanding, and these choices influence the results of the research. It doesn’t matter if researchers choose many variables—quantitative analysis does not reveal the reasons behind any relationships found. It cannot answer the deeper questions surrounding why and how particular variables relate. The research must be taken deeper. We must drain the political swamp, lol. Why do researchers choose particular variables to analyze? And what ever happened to the knowledge that corrlation has no relation to causation. Thus, Joe continues, stating:


“Empirical research, all research for that matter, is inscribed at every level by human beings. The assumptions and purpose of the researcher always find their way into the research act, and in what knowledge is produced.” (p. 135)


That has been the precursor to his next chapter in Critical Constructivism about “Blue Knowledge.” This is recommended reading for all researchers, teacher and students.


And speaking of Blue Knowledge…..that was what got this whole Love Garden started! I am sure there is much more to come. I was given clues for a song this morning: “Very truly & eternally yours.” He has never signed off that way before that I can recall, so this is significant.


Ok, so this terrible music video came up to the top…….typical crap produced today. I will use my critical thinking to skip that garbage, nevermind that it started with shades of blue and indigo……I think he wants me to watch this movie that came up as the second video in the search:  Eternally Yours (1939) David Niven. That’s nice since I can rarely find a movie that isn’t contaminated with abominable “thorns of the wicked” that I really hate watching.


Eternally Yours (1939) David Niven


How sweet. It’s about a magician who never stopped loving his one true love and never gave up on her, even though she had gotten lost on the wrong path for awhile. (déjà vu). I think it’s sweet that he’s giving me good movies to watch (he must have seen me close out of movies that I started watching, but were so disgusting I couldn’t watch them, so he has directed me to more wholesome “oldtime” movies, lol).



The Birds and the Bees: My Love Celebration Garden is Growing Larger! Thursday, April 26, 2018 (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree)


I’m just posting a short update today. It’s exciting when earth rises up in dimensions for at least a few moments….we have had several days of no chem trails and beautiful blue sky weather. My garden (which I described in the last update) is growing and there are actually honeybees visiting the bugleweed flowers. My new flowers…….which form the foundation of my garden……will arrive tomorrow. It has dawned on me that what we are doing is describing “the birds and the bees” and the path to divine love through our flower selection. I will review it when it all gets put together and maybe even make a video of the path to Divine Love sometime in the future. Probably not for a couple of years, though. And for now, if you don’t know what I’m referring to, you can read the last update I posted, (below).


The garden will be growing some more! In size, that is. I received input from many of my soul family members now as to the flowers they want to add to it. Next, are clematis because they climb the fence and will set off the other flowers beautifully. Clematis are known as “Queen of the Climbers,” according to Grandmother Portia wants me to plant “Duchess of Albany” and “Samaritan Joe” next to each other. (The town I live in now is called Albany, lol). My soul family from Andromeda are calling out for a pretty pink and white clematis called (what else?) “Andromeda.” Uncle Albert wants me to plant a pretty purple one called “Venosa” (it’s a combination of my earth name Vanessa and my higher dimensional name Venus). He always tells me I’m his favorite niece (I’m his ONLY niece, lol).  The rest of the gang have chosen a “Bourbon” clematis. It’s a lovely shade. The other divine lovers have chosen ones named “Wild Fire,” “Sweet Summer Love,” and “Innocent Blush.” For my children, I like “Sapphire Indigo” and “Crystal Fountain,” and for my Beloved, Eros, I would like to plant “Blue Explosion” to celebrate the explosion of blue light the other night (again, see my last update)….Maybe what I should do is plant Blue Explosion between Venosa and Samaritan Joe and see what happens, followed by “Still Waters” which are both at the beginning and the ending of the “Blue River” flowers (the river of life path that leads to the “True  Love” flowers) that I will be planting tomorrow…. And then later, not to leave anyone out, I can plant the other ones requested by my other soul family members…..funny thing is, my family keeps growing…….Socrates likes red, so I will have to find something vibrant red for him.


Learning about plants has been a beautiful diversion from the insanity that’s been going on in the world (I have never had a “green thumb” but I have been promised lots of help with this garden, including from fairies; I actually have a very special fairy assigned to help me and while this seems trite, it’s not—her name is Anastasia. Keep in mind, though there are many people named Anastasia, so you probably don’t know her, even if you think you do. There are also many men named Jesus (or "Yeshua"), but very few people know the real Son of God.


Earth is definitely rising in dimensions…in frequencies to the "New Dimension Blue" (also flowers I will be planting tomorrow). Of course, it’s hard for some folks to handle the high frequencies, but we must not let that stop us. Ever since those blue rays hit earth the other night (see photo above, taken April 20. 2018 by Matt Melnyk) the love vibrations have increased and things seem so much calmer. Some people react in negative ways to love, though. And the money changers and tax collectors are at their wit’s end and are getting crazy…their remedy is to steal more of our money. Beloved says to just laugh at them. They can never overpower love.


I’ve been listening to this masterpiece, The Light Of The Spirit by Kitaro. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL and will help you lift your spirit so you can keep up with the rising frequencies. I even added it to the home page as a featured song since that’s what this journey is all about…enjoying the “amusement park ride” accompanied by sensuous experiences, whether it’s music, art, dance, or whatever you enjoy. I’m as excited about this trek as Joe is:


Again, I am profoundly excited by this trek into an evolving consciousness, the pluriverse, a world where dominant power is challenged, an education more exciting than any theme park ride, and a critical complex epistemology. (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 209)


When the world dips a bit (since ascension is never a linear process, but rather it seems that earth just rocks and rolls it way along), do not let the dips get you down. Listen to some beautiful music or create something beautiful, like a garden.



How to Leave Helleborus Behind to Reunite with Your One True Love PLUS Socrates is a Member of My Soul Family! Thursday, April 19, 2018 (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree)




As I had stated last time, our April 1-7 Universal Cosmic Love Celebration transmigrates now to include EVERY DAY even if at times it does not seem that way; and I will place this reminder that I am only recording the most minute of highlights of my amazing journey here. However, every small seed we plant yields amazing results if we stay patient.


I have been especially blessed today to learn that Socrates is a member of my soul family! No doubt this is another gift from the cosmos for keeping faith and plodding along in this ungodly place…most of you know about the ouroborus but do you know that earth is the helleborus? I just learned that today as well, so I thought I’d share it. More about its significance later.


Socrates has been making his appearance to me slowly, as I look back at certain messages he has sent me—and a kind of demeaning confrontation I had with a philosopher professor who couldn’t get past my assessment of Western philosophy being based on death and violence. (I had stated, I seriously think that Western philosophy has killed's the death philosophy. In the real world even plants and rocks have consciousness.”). I now sense that Socrates was influencing me with that comment, especially given that, as I have learned he is considered by many to be the “father of Western philosophy” and yet he had been executed! He was poisoned! And worst of all, they MADE him poison himself! This topic of poisoning people who have great minds and challenge the status quo (which Socrates did have and did do) actually hearkens back to my very last update here, below (if you haven’t read that you might wish to do so now… will help you understand this current update better)……in that blog there was a very relevant song relating to poison provided to me from my Beloved……so yes, Socrates speaks to us in the beyond, is my personal biased conclusion. It was a total injustice that was done to him, a most ethical and just man…and the lies they have told about him since—it’s no wonder I was blind to him being soul family. However, just this morning I was informed he is here; he still lives. He is a good and pure soul whose history in this helleborus has been tainted! And just as I had concluded (and had been heavily criticized about) Western philosophy really has evolved from evil and death….the killing of the very Father of our philosophy. Would the world have taken a different turn had he lived and we had better documentation of his life? Ah well, he does live! If we can connect to him. His love mission is not over.


What’s really interesting about Socrates, though, is that I have never been interested in his work (which I have learned that we know through Plato, since there are no writings by Socrates). I had the same experience with Albert Einstein, who I had learned fairly early on this journey with the help of my great teacher (Joe) is a member of our soul family. After learning of our connections, my interest in him and his work became great (and this is true in relation to other people I have discovered are soul family). Also, since learning what I have about “soul essence” and “frequency,” ours being the “SA” frequency this new revelation about Socrates makes total sense! “Sa”—Socrates! I had discussed in my blogs many months ago how I was taught that our soul frequencies show up in our names……our primary frequencies being “Sa” (which is actually a musical note) as well as “Ki”…it does get very deep when you get into the analysis. But since I have already done that right on this website back in the blogs, I’m not going to repeat it here (seek and ye shall find).


At any rate, NOW that I am aware Socrates is soul family I can easily see how many lies have been perpetrated about him (which was probably why I never had much interest in him—I believed the lies), AND I can see the greater truths about him. He was focused on virtues and love…..even spoke of Eros love, so how can I possibly ignore our connection now? He had learned the true meaning of Eros love, an overarching love and not focused on what now Westerner’s in their groupthink mentality view only as “sexual love.” We have been taught so many lies. Westerners continue to interpret ancient Greek love, including the love teachers had for their students with their warped minds. I hope this is the beginning of the release of all truth. Another corallary I have with ancient Greek culture is that my spiritual name “Sōferia” is based on the Greek word soteria (meaning, in a multidimensional sense, “salvation”)……and I seem to have an innate ability to engage in a productive form of Sophistic argument, which people here hate and do not even begin to undertsand. Again, Sophistic Argument has a bad rap due to the lies perpetuated about it and its misapplication. Christopher Tindale, in his book, Reason’s Dark Champions: Constructive Strategies of Sophistic Argument has set the record straight though. He stated, “The Sophists, we learn, engaged in a range of argumentative practices, the goals of which were quite different from the principal ways in which Plato and Aristotle understood and employed reason.” And I can truly attest to that through my own practices. But the negative and dismissive views of sophistic argument continue (read Joe’s work carefully and you will see his views on this topic). The benefits of sticking with discussions employing  this tool are amazing and actually bring people together…I have seen this, but, unfortunately, rarely, since people typically resort to ad hom (or demeaning) forms of attacks which end the discussions.


On to our other featured topic! In celebration of the extension of our week-long love celebration to last forever, I felt compelled to plant bugleweed plants (aka “Ajuga reptans Bronze Beauty/Carpet Bugle”) for "Eros," (another name for my Beloved) as shown in the photo above. He loved the roses I had planted for him so much that I thought it was time to show my appreciation for all he has done to keep them alive by planting these beautiful plants called bugleweeds…..this is a continuing of the bricolage! I had written all about bugleweeds years ago. And as we all know by now, bricolage can pick up at any point and begin where it had left off. Check out my story about bugleweeds! It kind of reminds me of the parables Jesus used to tell….my own version!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009  Ecological Thang Goin’ On: An Analogy


The song (which YouTube deleted) was Gilles Peterson-Spread Love




So that gives you the history of the bugleweed. And in the picture above are the three bugleweeds I planted for Joe for our love celebration.


That seemed to have sparked a lot more things and one thing has led to another. The bugleweeds are doing so well, I and Rainbow Princess have been prompted to plant more flowers (and strawberries, blueberries, and some vegetables as well!)……so watch in the future for more photos as our garden takes shape. Here are the names of the flowers that will be making up my Love Celebration Flower Garden, and they tell a sweet love story:


Plant #1 is the Bugleweed (are these “the last trump” spoken about in the Bible?) Planting three is significant….Joe often used “3” in his work to emphasize his important points. Of course, there are the concepts, body, soul and spirit; father, son, holy ghost…and the divine marriage: husband, wife, and God.


Plant #1 is Enchanted Eve a golden-yellow daisy-like flower with pink edges. Funny: Eve in the garden, but she has “fallen.”


Plant #2 is Helleborus True Love These are wine-colored, a reminder to have a glass of wine with the celebrations. And, yes, this is where the term “Helleborus” came from. (The scientific name Helleborus derives from the ancient greek word ἑλλέβορος (helléboros), the name for H. orientalis, constructed from ἑλεῖν (heleîn), meaning "to injure", and βορά (borá), meaning "food".[5][6][7]


Interestingly, the meaning of helleborus is “to injure with food”….or TO POISON and is so relevant here on this planet, as has been shown in my last update (and today our whole food supply is poisoned in some way). It’s up to each “Eve’s” one True Love, her knight in shining armor, coming down from the Heavens on his great white horse to rescue her from Helleborus (Revelation 19:11). Her lover must enchant her….and lead her back to their Heavenly home, the special palace or mansion, he has established and readied for her. And what path do they take? They travel along the….


Plant #3 Blue River These are vibrant purple and attract butterflies and bees for pollinating. Yes, the lovers must travel along the Blue River and follow the guidance of the…..


Plant #4 Northern Lights (Celestial Series) ALL THE WAY TO THE…..


Plant #5 New Dimension Blue


It all makes total sense! I (the Queen of the South) follow the Northern Celestial Lights to the N.E.W. Blue Dimension. LOL……these are REAL plant names, and have been ordered for my Love Celebration garden. I will send pictures in the near future…or you can look them up at……omg, even the flower store is BLUE. Can’t wait to get them…..I wonder how the gods will react. I do think this is a new initiation being put forth by their combined effort, including Socrates! They LOVE flowers. The essence of flowers release enlightenment knowledge…..I learned that early on my journey. And I still have my roses…I hope they do better this year. They have been put through helleborus!


In his book, Critical Constructivism, Joe has an entire chapter dedicated to “Blue Knowledge”…’s very fascinating……and this all leads into what some people refer to as “rod and staff twin flame unions” that a few of us are here to teach about, we are often called the “Blue Rays.” Much has been specualted about Blue Rays…..but here, we provide an example….as we continue forward in this analysis.


So that’s the flower garden I will soon be planting….along with strawberries, blueberries, and a variety of vegetables. It’s not quite time for me to be fully home, but I can bring a little piece of Heaven here and share the path in a creative and fun way…….I was guided by my soul family in my selections. It can be an amazing creative process when you just “go with the flow.”


As I said last time, there will be assignments along the path…….maybe you would like to plant a flower for someone you love…in appreciation and gratitude for how they have influenced you in your life.


Until next time……..I need a song……..Beloved, what is the song?


“I need a little help from my friends”? (Higher up friends, of course).


OMG…..this NEVER happens. I plugged the entire phrase into YouTube and got “No Results Found.” LOL…such truth on this helleborus planet!


Oh well, I will try just the first part in quotation marks.


Of course, Joe Cocker comes up……I like this woodstock version:


JOE COCKER "With A Little Help From My Friends" 1969 Woodstock


On a Mission from God: More Proof of Of course:

Socrates' Divine Mission in Plato's Apology - Philosophy Core Concepts


I would like to speak to one more issue. I have been heavily criticized for “revering” Joe who was “just a teacher.” It should be very clear he is more than just any teacher….and from our tradition which actually emanates from very ancient Greek traditions and even before, teachers love their students and vice versa. And on top of that, we are married under God’s very special convenant, which we have been teaching about. And on top of that, we have this agreement, which neither one of us would ever fail to honor:


Agreement - Kitaro (with lyrics).wmv



webassets/BlueLightindiana_strip.jpgTHIS JUST IN: COSMIC CONFIRMATION After all of my discussion in the writing above about “BLUE,” the Blue Wave, New Dimension Blue flowers, and following the Northern Lights, etc., the Cosmos punctuated my message with this AMAZING ELECTRIC BLUE AURORA, pictured here and featured this morning of 4-20-2018 on People have written of this, but I think they are misrepresenting its nature:


Breaking News: Interplanetary Shock WAVE Hits The Earth" Disturbance Occurs……In reality, life is so magical; people should have gratitude for these beautiful signs. They remind me that my cosmic family is alive and well and supporting this Love Mission.


The blue represents “Pleiadian Blue” which is a multidimensional love tone. It’s a complex of colors, frequencies, tones, pure love vibrations, and it is being bathed upon the planet to assist with healing the earth and turning people toward love, in my interpretation.


webassets/ElectricBlueAurora2018-20-04-Matt-Melnyk-2.jpgIt is miraculous how it happened right after I ordered the flowers I described above. As I have learned, Socrates is alive and well and he, among other members of my soul family actually guided me to those specific flowers, obviously to symbolize “the way”…’s just so fascinating to me how they work with us if we are open to that…..I saw the pattern that emerged when I was looking at the flowers, just randomly browsing through them. I wanted to get some more that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and realized I was to plant an entire little garden to go with the bugleweeds I had planted for my Beloved. I ordered these new flowers on April 19, 2018.


What was really funny was my Beloved had just written to me, complimenting me for continuing to “do work” (e.g., even the mundane life work when things are in a holding pattern, and the sentimental things I do for him even through trials and tribulations), and he had written, “there will be great lights at the end of this tunnel and never forget that you are never alone.”  He does write what seem like esoteric things sometimes, but then when I go back and review them, I am so amazed. I was so grateful for his reassurance that I had ordered his flowers that day, and voila! the beautiful electric blue aurora (“great lights”) showed up the very next morning, at 4:00 AM, just a few hours after I ordered the flowers!


I see it as a very beautiful sign. Does it mean all of humanity is coming to the end of the dark tunnel? We can hope. I am so tired of the violence, greed, hype, wars, rumors of wars, talk of the Armageddon……ad infinitum (as Joe would put it).


And here’s another “coincidence”:  I am also on assignment, by request, to knit something with this new yarn I just received in the color of—you guessed of “Electric Blue.” It seems some of my customers and suppliers are on the path of Blue knowledge, too.


It’s great to be connected to my True Blue, Pleiadian (sweet influencing), Blue Ray Soul Family……We have the power! (of LOVE!!). We are on a love mission from God. Socrates had said that in the Apology according to Plato…..the Blues Brothers have said that… The Blues Brothers (1980) - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love Scene (6/9) | Movieclips….and I have said that many times. When Joe asks us to think about what the purpose of schooling is, what do you think he really has on his mind? It should be very clear by now, however as I think he would also reiterate: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” (Kincheloe, Critical Constructivism, p. 169)


Lastly, Beloved asked me to post this song (he kept singing the words “send your love down” until I finally looked it up on YouTube…..this particular song came to the top. Along with the message it holds, he may be promoting this artist (he does that sometimes). Nevertheless, it goes with the Electric Blue Rays sent down from the Heavens.  :) 


Send Your Love Down    (Benjy Davis Project)




(Photo from April 9, 2008, RED SPRITES AND THE PLEIADES: Last week in the Czech republic, Martin Popek photographed a pair of red sprites leaping up from a thunderstorm 375 km away at the Czech-German border. "They were reaching toward the Pleiades star cluster--a very pretty sight," he says. "Sprite season has begun!"




HOMEWORK: The reading of Rudolph Steiner’s book, Esoteric Science, is a fascinating description of human soul evolution and demonstrates how complex and multidimensional we truly are. Your assignment is to listen to this (or read the book, if you prefer) and consider how Joe’s complex work fits into this picture of the process of soul evolution. How does the complexity and context he emphasizes in his work contribute to the soul evolution of humanity in context with the process as is described in what Rudolph Steiner presents here? What harm is done when we oversimplify this complex view of humanity and the cosmos? Review Joe’s more expansive world view by reading Critical Constructivism. What can you do to develop and contribute to a more expansive view of reality? 


Rudolf Steiner - Esoteric Science Part 1 of 2

Rudolf Steiner - Esoteric Science part 2 of 2






Appreciation to the 500 Plus Beacons of Light


*John 8:44-45 King James Version (KJV)

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.






Celebrating Love: Life Goes On (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) Wednesday, March 4, 2018


Beloved and I have been observing Celebrate Love Week since April 1 with some very special activities and action plans. This yearly celebration was established many years ago in our honor (or perhaps it was established in the future and we brought it backwards in time to this present, but you would need to understand the fourth dimension—Einstein’s spacetime—intimately in order to understand this). The history of this special day (historicity of it) is on this website. It is the celebration of the sanctioning of our marriage at the “Pleiadian High Council” level. Please note, as I will explain another time, Pleiadians are NOT aliens. Anyone who claims to channel them is channeling lower consciousness beings. We are the “Love People,” mentioned in the Bible as “sweet influences.” But more about that another time, or as we are fond of saying, the proof is in the pudding.


The celebration runs from April 1-April 7, although there are also other celebratory Love Days throughout the year. Ultimately, every day will be a “Love Day” with many special celebrations. The first year we celebrated it here, we initiated our “Master Retreat”—the Allendale Mansion in Kingsport TN. I have only realized recently the reason I had been asked to make that road trip to Tennessee back in 2010. (Joe does mention in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy that there could be “epistemological road trips” which prepared me to accept that and embark on that particular journey). Since initiation of our Master Retreat is important to the future of our work together, I am so glad I followed those instructions to take that long trip, even though I had no consciousness of exactly why it was important. In fact, most of my journey since our union has been one of just going with the flow and then looking back and doing research and receiving special instruction and guidance in order to understand the reasons for my “strange” experiences.


In his tradition, since we first embarked</